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Hi, I’m Angela.

Welcome to my website. I am so happy you are here!

I want to share with you what I have learned over the years in my entrepreneurship journey. My background in psychology has allowed me to understand how to connect with people. I am dedicated to showing you how to fast track your business and life, the same way I have.


The design of my logo is very specific to my journey as a business owner. The diamonds represent productivity through the combination of two triangles that produce planned elevation or escalation. The petals symbolize growth or letting nature symbolize the evolution experienced when working with me.

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I have a dedicated YouTube Channel where I provide tips and tricks and share my experiences of what I have learned over the years.


The greatest feedback for me, is when I get a referral from a company I have worked with.


Sharing her strategies that will create a workflow process, focusing on communication, implementing technology, productivity, going paperless, and defining ongoing goals.


Guiding other solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners to maximize their output; focusing on communication, design, productivity and events to become more profitable.


Hire Angela to engage your audience while she shares her experiences with them to grow their businesses; topics and length is subject to your personal needs for your conference or group.


As a leading expert in the world of productivity, Angela travels the world sharing her techniques to show others how to become more productive and more profitable.


Angela shares her experiences in various podcast series that she has been invited to speak on. If you would like to be a guest on her podcast, email your information over.


Be sure to sign up for the next complimentary webinar where Angela shares inside secrets and products of how she runs her company behind the scenes, and can show you how to do it too.


Angela uses her background in psychology to work with clients on creating Vivid Experiences to design a one of a kind space for any occasion: wedding, event, restaurants, hotel, you just name it.

Events & Weddings

Angela and her team create a very unique experience with each client by providing a paperless process that keeps you organized and on track, while educating you on the best approach.

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Visit my vault of knowledge where you will find valuable content to help grow your business.

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  • This week’s episode of my podcast Weddings Unveiled has arrived, and we have more professional tips and secrets on wedding planning and event design to help your business grow

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