Katie & Jose at Schermerhorn Symphony

Katie & Jose at Schermerhorn Symphony

Photo: Erin Lee Allender Photography

Angela Proffitt. Where do I even begin to describe how wonderful this woman is? I am the girl who was planning her wedding at 5 years old, so my expectations for a planner were astronomical. Angela, Alison and their wonderful team surpassed anything that I could’ve hoped for in a planner. They made my dream wedding even better than I could’ve imagined myself. She is the only one to make your wedding absolutely perfect, and she does it with grace, confidence, and professionalism.

In your first meeting, Angela asks you to describe your vision in 3 words. She takes this vision and makes it happen with the best vendors possible for what YOU want. She also keeps everything within YOUR budget. She reminds you of the “needs” and the “wants” when making financial decisions, and if you have to sacrifice something, she finds a way around it to make it even better.

It is true what they say… SOMETHING will go wrong along the way. And it did. Without Angela, I don’t know what I would’ve done. With her, it was as if the random issues before the wedding and the issues the day of the wedding had never even happened. My dress didn’t have the correct beading when it came in. Alison, Angela’s assistant, called Kleinfeld and had it shipped back and fixed immediately. My bridesmaid’s dresses came in GREEN instead of charcoal. Angela contacted the manufacturer (while she was sick in bed!) to make sure that every single dress was replaced before the wedding. We had sound issues the day of the wedding, and I didn’t even know about them until a month after the wedding!! Angela took care of them! These are some examples of the ways that I would not have survived my wedding without Angela and her team.

Angela’s brides are happy brides. If you want stress-free planning, you need Angela. If you want to truly enjoy your engagement and indulge in being a client, you need Angela. If you want to have a FUN and absolutely AMAZING wedding experience, you need Angela.

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