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Share, learn and grow by joining our Facebook Mastermind group of Wedding and Event Professionals (Planners, Designers, Florists, Caterers, and more) in an open and collaborative forum. $75/ month gets you invaluable content and guidance that Google questioning can not offer. We will have in-depth and exclusive videos on: Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Book Reviews, Stylescapes, Social Media Marketing, and more.

As an added bonus, there will be 2 live calls every month, where you can have your questions answered by me, personally. Raw. Topical. Relevant. Real Insight. No BS. Commitment-phobic? Try it out for a month. See what happens. See how you can grow.


Hi! I’m Angela Proffitt,


As an Entrepreneur, Wedding and Events Expert, Productivity Therapist, Designer and Motivational Speaker, I wear many hats. I have many passions in distinct industries that ultimately contribute to the creation of beautiful experiences and successful endeavors. I want to share with you what I have learned over the years in my entrepreneurship journey. My background in Psychology has allowed me to understand how to connect with people. I am dedicated to showing you how to fast track your business and life so that you can achieve your dreams in the most productive manner. I bring over 15 years of learning, teaching, and thriving in the Wedding and Events Industry to the table and showcase the products of my experience throughout books, online classes, live events, one-on-one coaching, and more. I work daily to demonstrate a commitment to enable professionals to work more effectively, grow their business steadily, and impress their clients consistently. By maximizing efficiency, I lead a team of growing industry experts who will support me in a plan perfectly crafted for you.

Why invest in the
Wedding & Event Pro Group Membership?


The Wedding & Event Pro Group is a collaborative forum of event and industry specific professionals alike. The group offers a SAFE and inclusive community where members share their challenges and find real solutions.

1) You Are Not ALONE: Owning a business can be a lonely endeavor. In this group, you’ll interact with other dynamic members within the industry to give you real feedback and solutions to challenges your business may face.

2) Accountability: Holding yourself accountable can be tricky when you’re the boss. We are here to hold your feet to the fire. To bring structure and streamline best business practices to the everchanging (in a good way) industry.

3) There’s a better way: Trial and error are good if you have time and patience. But there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Time to accelerate your ideas, leverage your strengths, and accomplish your business goals.

What people say about the
Wedding and Event Pro Group

“Angela, I am SO happy I coached with you; it has changed the way I run my business. I went paperless at the beginning of this year (kicking and screaming) and it was amazing. It is SOOOO worth it! Learning from you was so much fun. Your workshop was the best workshop I have ever attended and I have attended hundreds over the years. I also learned that people don’t need to be an event planner to work with you. Your systems work for everyone. Thank you for showing me a more efficient way and for being so giving and taking the time I needed to help me turn by business around. I have never looked back. You give so much!!


“Your guidance is SO incredibly great, Angela! My butt is sore right where you kicked me, LOL, but I’m happy to say that your wisdom – and yes, I am following it – it is paying off. I have used this opportunity to gain a fresh perspective for the business, I have hired a great Social Media specialist to oversee that, we are updating and building a new website (looks a lot fresher!) and I am re-focused and motivated for success! You are a real gem! Thanks for the True Colors info – can’t wait to put that into practice as well! With much, much gratitude!”


“Angela Proffitt, you are a goddess–generous, smart, funny, and a wealth of knowledge. Just when we were in the depths of software misery and with one quick conversation, your insight helped us make a decisive turn. You are a bundle of energy and such fun to work with. Thank you, Angela, for knowing your stuff and for helping us in this group!”


“Thank you Angela; you and your group have been a great asset in directing me to move forward and see what I did not know. Being at a point that felt like I was going in a circle and ending up exactly where I was last year and the year before was beginning to wear me down. It was like you turned on a light switch for me to not only see things clearly but to get excited again about my business. I realize that nothing happens overnight but I have begun to view and make changes in how I am doing business and know that I was heading for an eventual burnout. Pricing and organizing never felt better.”


Access to exclusive discussions



Goal Setting

Building Self Confidence

Finding your Super Power

Being Profitable

Connecting with your Clients

Knowing when to say “NO”

Finding your Market

The Art of Communication

Personality Methodology

Social Media Strategies

Developing Business Specific Templates

Lead Generation Round Table Discussion

Brand Alignment

When to Outsource

WHAT YOU GET IN THE Wedding & Event Pro Group

The Power of 3Ps Book

Gems Unveiled Book

Every Entrepreneur MUST have APPS Book

Floorplan and Creative Books

Exclusive access to Video Courses

Book Club: Suggestions

2 calls w/ Angela and other Industry Experts per month

Exclusive Rates on Conferences

Full length videos not available on YouTube

Access to recordings of all past GROUP coaching calls

Access to the Facebook Community Group—comprised of peers and veterans providing valuable insight into how they’re successfully running their creative practice

Exclusive members only content: Worksheets, Templates

Business opportunities for job leads and resources within the community

Valued at over $3,000.00


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As with any learning program, your results may vary from these consumer testimonials. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, outcome, nor are we responsible for your success or failure in planning an event. It is not an easy “change your business in one week.” It takes lots of time, communication, effort, and dedication to ensure productivity. We believe that we provide you a great roadmap with tools to achieve your desired results, and obtain your desired outcome.