NOW PLAYING … How to Wow Your Guests with a Love Story Fit for the Screen!

NOW PLAYING … How to Wow Your Guests with a Love Story Fit for the Screen!

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Does it ever seem like there’s one movie that’s on TV all the time? One of those movies this time of year is Wedding Crashers, the romantic comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. In one scene Wilson’s character pleads with the maid of honor (whom he’s crushing on) at her sister’s wedding, to rewrite her corny, unoriginal toast and make it “something from the heart.” At first she brushes him off, convinced that her words are winners. But when her original toast falls flat into a sea of crickets, the maid of honor catches Wilson’s gaze from the back of the room, follows his advice, pulls off a mid-toast pivot, and salvages the special moment!

Have you ever watched those romantic, emotional, funny, dramatic movie wedding scenes and thought “I want that!”

Well as we all know (but often forget), in addition to being “something from the heart” the most memorable, heartstring-tugging wedding scenes are also “something from a team of professional writers.” The music composer, actors, editor and rest of the production team take those words and use them to paint the rest of the picture, leaving us all sitting in the theater bawling like babies and loving every minute of it. It all begins with the writing.

What if you could have a professional storyteller craft the words of your love story? Now imagine that story being read out loud at your wedding reception in front of a captive audience of your family and friends; your very own “movie moment.” Cue the maid of honor and best man (in lieu of or in addition to their toasts) to share your professionally written love story.

First, “Her side of the story…” then “His side of the story” and finally, like in real life, two stories become one! All the humor, romance, drama, suspense, action, adventure, or even horror, of how the two of you came together as one – captured in a creative, dramatic, entertaining, unforgettable original story. And after the wedding, your guests get a beautifully presented copy of the complete story as a very unique, personal keepsake.

Why not make your love story one of the highlights of your wedding story? It has been proven that people prefer storytelling to any other type of communication. A well-told story can energize a room, move people to the edges of their seats, make them laugh, cry, cringe, and most of all give them a front row seat into the unique, predestined sequence of events that brought you to this special day.

Are you ready to entertain your guests with a one of a kind storytelling experience that is sure to be one of the most memorable parts of your wedding? Click here to get started!

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