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Your personal library of images to help you grow your planning & design business. We’re here to support professionals in the wedding & event industry who need quality images that represent your brand and designs that you actually want to plan and execute for your perfect client. We help and consult creatives who are growing their brand and want REAL images of REAL weddings. We are here to help you!

DIY Wedding
Planning Guide

Plan your special day with 8 PRO tips that will save you time and stress. From planning to delivery, these pro tips provide a roadmap to ensure that your special day is extraordinary. When you plant a seed, you must nurture it, care for it, water it in order for it to grow. Planning a wedding and starting your life with someone else is much like a seed. Yes, situations can get stressful, but it is all in how you handle the situation and react. This guide helps with just that…Stress FREE info that can keep you, your friends and your family sane during this wedding planning process!

GSD Retreat Cabo

ATTENTION SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS: Join me for a relaxing AND productive business retreat in a spectacular oceanfront 10 bedroom villa where you will experience fun, friendships, and getting shit done for 2020! Come spend 3 full days with me to learn best practices and get that plan done, while networking and collaborating with like-minded small business owners and professionals!


I will show you exactly how to put together an annual plan with content creation, images, weekly schedule, and more! Leave Cabo with a solid annual plan to crush the following year. An impactful new way of thinking can fast track your personal and professional life, making your return on investment priceless!


Escape the cold for Cabo and set you and your business up for success.


Sooo.. you’re out there conquering the world, CRUSHING your business and living the #goaldigger life, right? You want to #ootd on Instagram and capture those #foodselfies at your local dive…and you get the dreaded “STORAGE FULL” error. Friend, I #gotyou. See…things get interesting from here. And while most refer to me as Angela Proffitt, my family chooses to call me the #appslayingqueen (App Slaying Queen). Life is short, and in this great big world, the greatest asset that I’ve learned about technological devices, is that they are tools. Tools that allow us to connect. And in this day and age, social [ME]dia is an incredibly powerful resource. However, beyond learning how to automate and implement better business practices, I’ll fast track your day to day, so you can get back to snapping the #bestvacationever #mykidsaredrivingmecrazy #nomydogsarethecutest moments.


Online system and on-going support designed for industry professionals

When you make the decision to invest in your business, you’re really investing in yourself. Behind all great businesses are people who decide to make a change. Your opportunity is now.

This program is designed for you, the professional looking to level up their business and the wow factor of their events. We will focus on communication, branding, personalization, productivity, going paperless, social media marketing, and more! I combine and distill my experience as well as expert advice received from Fortune 500 ranked business mentors to provide this specialized workshop for the wedding and events industry.

Stand out in this industry. Have more fun.


Online system on planning the perfect wedding for you or for your clients


Whether you’re newly engaged or an entry level planner, Wedding Planning University is for you. This online system will help you filter through the noise and break into the extremely rewarding industry of wedding planning. Let’s make you or your clients’ wedding as stress-free and memorable as possible!


Get access to exclusive content and training developed from over 15 years of experience and a keen eye on the newest trends. Get access now, and let’s starting planning!


See my amazing track record of delivering superb trainings for professionals like you.


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