Angela, I am SO happy I coached with you; it has changed the way I run my business. I went paperless at the beginning of this year (kicking and screaming) and it was amazing. It is SOOOO worth it! Learning from you was so much fun. Your workshop was the best workshop I have ever attended and I have attended hundreds over the years. I also learned that people don’t need to be an event planner to work with you. Your systems work for everyone. Thank you for showing me a more efficient way and for being so giving and taking the time I needed to help me turn by business around. I have never looked back. You give so much!! YOU ROCK!!!

-Annette Naif, Founder, Naif Productions

“My name is Kathy Thomas and my company is collected 615 the challenges that I faced before working with Angela was kind of prioritizing, setting clear expectations, and also doing a little bit of delegating and follow through. I’ve actually seen Angela speak on a previous occasion, and I was just really impressed with the way she collected herself, the message she delivered felt like she was able to speak to a broad range of attendees which I though was pretty impressive and so when I initially reached out to her it was on the basis of talking to her about public speaking and then it can of spiraled into sharing with her my new business venture what direction I was taking it she had a lot of interest in that and right then we started instantly adapting in what she could do for the business, how she can help me develop the brand, how she can help me guide me through all of the operational efficiencies immediately which was great I mean after our first initial phone conversation she had given me probably about two or three different nuggets that I was able to take away just to get the course of action moving and then every follow-up meeting since then I definitely got another 2-3 nuggets for every meeting that I could actually take true action on and see result almost immediately. I would say come into it with a very open mind, come into it knowing that you know you might not implement everything right away but every time you walk away take the things that you know as a business owner that you can implement. Use those and can put the rest on the back burner so you don't get overwhelmed but follow the course of action she lays out because it really can become very fluid and make sense while you’re addressing every single little nugget the you can address on your own. Keep all the information intact but again don’t get overwhelmed by it. A theme song for my business? High hopes would definitely be the theme song for my business. It’s one of the songs, it’s kind of like same with like greatest showman right? Like it’s one of those things if you if you hear that song and you don’t if you listen to it but you don’t hear it, uhm you won’t get it. But if you listen to it you actually hear the message I think it speaks to a lot of small business owners, I think it speaks to a lot of solopreneurs. It just talks a lot about building the foundation and staying the course. And it happens if my not happen for everybody but it does happen for the selected few who put the work in.”

Kathy Thomas, Founder, Collective615


“Hi my name is Carrie Lauck and my company is called The Happy Hour Hostess and we’re in Virginia beach Virginia. I called Angela last year about this time it was spring of 2018 because I really wanted to scale the company. I had done a pretty good job driving sales but I was drowning in more. I really needed help being more productive which we all know Angela is the expert at and a more efficient. So I called her and we did a whole day together she helped me streamline my processes, she really helped me narrow down my client experience take a little bit of the extra communication she helped me work within google drive so i have a lot less emails now between myself and my clients and she helped me picture how to scale the company and bring on fulltime employees. So I chose Angela as my coach because she answered to exactly what my problem was. My problem was I was stressed out, I wasn’t sleeping I needed to be more productive and there's nobody out there that offers that exact like life-saving answer except better than Angela really she was exactly who I needed and also she wasn’t the first coach that i hired but she was definitely the best. She was the one who actually answered these questions and was very giving and open about all of her knowledge throughout the entire process. She showed me how to be much more productive with using google drive and drop box for client contracts, she helped me be more direct about what maybe I should and shouldn't be doing for my clients in the first place and really honestly the resume that we use on google drive to communicate with our clients is, had done significantly on the emails that we use, the templates that we use for our paper products that has really streamlined that process for us and it just really changed a little bit of you know the direction of our business. I actually sleep at night now which is different that it was a year ago. Definitely recommend Angela and her team for all of your productivity and business needs really she is the most genuine and open and giving person in this industry. I don’t think there’s anyone else who’s so open about the way that she runs her business, mistakes that she’s made along the line honestly i could not recommend her enough. She’s smart and directs to really open hearted person and has all the experience and the knowledge that you need. I would a hundred percent recommend Angela and her team. I think I saw result within weeks of coaching with Angela I really took all of her advice to heart and implemented a lot of her systems right away I really needed the help when i called so I wasn’t messing around with using that advise the next full service client that we signed on I immediately used her systems I would say within days or weeks i started seeing improvements right away.”

Carrie Lauck, Founder, The Happy Hostess


“My name is Christy Lyons and my company is Who’s That Girl? Wedding and Events. Challenges that I faced before working with Angela was feeling alone and not knowing which directions to go. Her personality drew me into her services, I liked that she is more tech friendly and her class is more on about being tech savvy and how to move forward in this high-tech world. How Angela helped me not feel alone anymore was showing me that there was all these online groups that you could join, of savvy people, and of course you guys were always there for support and just always checking in just to make sure that I am achieving what I need to achieve and hitting the markers. If you’re considering working with Angela I would highly recommend it, she has a great team, she’s great herself great personality, very warm and honest it shall be a good fit for you. I would choose this is me for my theme song for my business, you know or I might choose speechless from Aladdin.”

Christy Lyons, Founder, Who's That Girl


“My name is Carl Clemetson and I own Hometown Elegance Event Catering & Productions. Specific challenges were how to go paperless the biggest challenge was having stacks of paper on my desk with notes and everything. So we began that process implementing some new software to take care of some of those paper files. Angela is the tip of the sphere so to speak in terms of automation. She is the leading edge of the tech side in terms of our industry. She knows a lot of software that I’ve looked at so Angela just was the right fit for what we are looking at. We started implemented it a few months ago and we’ve already seen some of the changes now that all the notes are in one place versus somebody have in one notebook versus me having another notebook and having to have a series of meetings and prepare notes for everything. You know I have access to all the materials digitally for someone off site, not in the office, and so all the files and stuff it’s all digitally available. The hardest part is doing the work, you could listen to advice all day long but unless you do work that Angela tells you to do then that’s the only way you’re gonna get the return is actually doing the work from the advice. Just listen, and do the work.”

Carl Clemetson, Founder, Hometown Elegance


“So the specific challenges that I faced prior to working with Angela and her team was that I wasn't getting a lot of traffic to my website and I want to book in a lot of clients as a newer wedding planner I knew that I had the skills to get the jobs done but I wasn't having enough clients so I can get booked. So I was very happy to work with Angela, she did an awesome job of doing a total overhaul critique of my website and suggesting some awesome things like a check bot, the size of my images, placement, call to action buttons, tons of things that I just wasn’t thinking of I was just looking at what was aesthetically pretty for a website as opposed to what really gave clients what they needed when they visit my website. So what set Angela apart from anyone else that I kind of went across was, how I learned about her first was which was the podcast I absolutely love podcasts, hers was like non other. This was someone who was ahead of their time, in my opinion just because I’m someone of a tech nerd, coming from an engineering background now in somewhere of a creative field so I totally resonated with her perspective of how technology could really move the industry forward so with her credibility from the podcast, just some of the things that she’d done in the industry, her background using true colors I really thought that she can really help me where other professional maybe couldn’t and offer just a different perspective as to how I can really target my ideal client. So the timeline that I saw some changes after working with Angela and her team was about 3 to 4 months which I thought was outstanding. She gave me some basic pointers as far as those call to action buttons, things that I need to be more consistent on and it was like as soon as I started implementing those changes and tweaking those details I started seeing more leads come into my inquiry form. So from working with Angela and her team were about 3-4 months she gave me some great action items with ways to update my webpage she did a thorough check clicking every button going in every area and just seeing what worked and what made sense to get my clients who would visit what the information that they needed very quickly so in 3 to 4 months I was shocked that just making some of those minor tweaks I really started seeing more leads coming. So from that and also being consistent on two platforms those 2 big things have really driven way more traffic, and I mean I would maybe get 1 or 2 inquiries a month and it has doubled and tripled that to where I mean it's wedding season now and I’m already booked clients for 2020 and 2021 so I’m super excited about the changes and the result that I’ve seen in such a short time. So my advice for anyone who is interested in working with Angela and her team is to simply give it a try. She has tons of free resources so you can actually see how credible and how her processes actually work. Step out, invest in yourself and go out and get and build the business that you’ve always wanted. I think that’s something that i can attest to and I hope that you could see the same results as well. There’s a song by Jordin Sparks and it's like a celebration song it's Jordin Sparks the Whitney Houston I think it's called celebrate.”

Bree Carroll, B Carroll Events


“Specific challenges that I faced before working with Angela and her team were the marketing for sure, in particular an outreach to a certain customer demographic and growth in that side of my company. I sought out Angela because I saw the success she had with growing her own company. I thought particular she would be an expert in what we’re doing so we’re a wedding focused company, an event planning focused company and she’s an expert in her field and so I saw how she was able to help other people’s companies grow and I also have a great relationship with her. Angela helped me in resolving my challenges by helping me create plans to get things done specifically. So we set goals, and then we put plans into place to meet those goals and so then it was up to me to take the action and make sure that things grew correctly and that those goals were achieved but we really kind of sit down, broke down exactly what the goals were very specific plans on how I wanted to reach those goals, what I can do to reach those goals really stayed on me and held me accountable for keeping it going too. My advice for others who are considering working with Angela and her team are to stay true to what you need to do. Don’t start unless you really want to get things done. While Angela and her team are good, it takes effort on you required. You can’t expect things to happen overnight, be patient, implement the processes, stick to the plans and things to grow but you have to be able to put the time and effort in on your side too. For my company I saw changes immediately, we’re a little different though, we’re unique in what we’re doing. I saw changes immediately because I had so many goals that I wanted to achieve. So it was easy for me to see changes once we implemented plans to get things done. It was very beneficial for me on that part, things change immediately once we re-routed ourselves in where we needed to go. Theme song for this journey would be Jay-Z’s so ambitious also Kanye West’s everything I am, especially with building a business that kind of doesn’t really exist so you kind of like build in a plan as you’re flying it. Those two songs are definitely the theme songs for the journey that I’ve been on so far.”

Gigi McDowell, Founder, Fetefully


“My name is Callie Heatherly and my company is Cali Elyse Events. Challenges that I faced as an event planner was mostly like being compensated for like my time. So like in the process of doing everything, most people could do packages and I realize that I wasn’t able to make the money that was owed to me or due to me because I was pretty much working for $2 an hour. So Angela helped me reformat and replan everything to where strategically it made more sense for me and for my clients. With her being in the same industry as me obviously she knew exactly what the challenges were that I needed to kind of help overcome those barriers and she has a reputation that’s pretty much out of this world so why not try her. All of it, I was able to get the clients that I wanted and that was willing to pay for my services, and pay for all of the work that does go into what I do. So I was able to like level up on a different caliber because of the way that I format it previously, it took about probably 8 months or so for me to actually see it but that’s because of the way that our industry works with planning everything out. The very first person that I ever got was about 8 months later and whenever I actually was able to use hourly increments so it took a little bit of time but it was definitely well worth it because once I got through all of the “package” set up everything now is a structure that Angela has taught me and it’s definitely paying off. Do it now, go for it! Cause it’s gonna help you in a long run so go ahead and invest in yourself and your company cause Angela knows what she’s talking about.”

Callie Heatherly, Founder


“Covert results is a private investigations security company. My mentor is Angela Proffitt. I would not be where I'm at today without her and the GSD Team. They have guided me through this whole process, everything from my website to my logo, all the way coaching and mentoring. A goal we have is to start a podcast. The biggest measurable goal for the coming year is launching of the book Gray. I'm ready. Ready to do work. Ready to level up. So thank you, Angela and the GSD Team.”

Robert Young, Founder, Covert Results


“I want to first say a big thank you to Angela and her team. The largest takeaway is the spirit of entrepreneurship, you know, day to day, you don't really get to interact with entrepreneurs who are feeling the same way that you're feeling are going through some of the same things that you're going through. It's really nice to be around a group of others who are going through the same thing who understand what you mean. I have never met someone who is so fluent in so many applications on their phone, and just different resources that you can implement within your business and use it to honestly help you grow. Video Marketing, I know is an absolute essential as far as moving forward within the digital realm. And I am 100% trying to get on board. Again, thank you, Angela, so much, and thank you to your team as well.”

Aja Price, Founder, Notably Gray


“I'm Anna. I'm a sophomore at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. And this summer I interned for Angela Proffitt. With COVID-19 arising around the time my internship was starting, Angela still made my internship a priority, and gave me the best of the best experience that I could have. I never knew I could learn so much through Zoom! But she still made an effort to get me out in the real world to clients and customer meetings, so I can still see the ins and outs of her company. Throughout my internship, I kept a list on my phone of everything Angela said or taught me. It's super long now. Angela is the best of the best and takes it to another level that I didn't even know existed. It's so evident that she puts 100% into everything she does. I definitely think the most valuable lesson is to know your worth and your value because when you do that's when you start to become successful when you can be confident in what you do. I think the most valuable thing I learned about myself while interning for Angela is seeing an incredibly confident and successful business woman here in Nashville, doing what I love and knowing that I can be successful with my own company. I'm incredibly thankful for this summer and everything I learned with Angela and Amanda and I wouldn't have wanted any other internship this summer.”

Anna Cooper


“I am the owner of a Elan Events. I spent a few days doing coaching and consulting with Angela. It was a great three days. We did a lot of work. I had some questions, and was kind of stuck. Angela is very knowledgeable and knew exactly where I was in the stage of my business. If you have any questions about your business, thinking about taking it to the next level. I think this would be a phenomenal step for you. I've done a lot of training with others, but I feel like Angela was really a good fit for me. It did me a lot of good. And I've been busy at work, doing things that I love, in a direction that I couldn't be more happy.”

Reima Abouarabi


“I just want to say thank you to Angela Proffitt. Always an inspiration is definitely turned into being one of a mentor for me not in business but also personal. Truly an inspiration I learned a lot today, things from organization to just getting stuff done, you know, and putting what's important first. So I want to say thank you for being that beacon.”

Kyle Brougham, Founder, Bea Rose


“Angela is absolutely amazing. I took her like a technology course, like five years ago changed my whole business changed my life. This is great because it's launching my marketing and my marketing plan the strategy behind it and just really honing my skills and technology. So love her. She's the best she gets her heart and soul to everything. I just got done attending Angela Proffitt strategy session class and oh my goodness, it is so revolutionary I walked out I feel like 10 times lighter, more clarity. I know how to move forward in my business and I am super excited to implement some of the strategies that we talked about.”

Annette Naif, Founder, Naif Productions


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