10 Things to Know Before Planning a Destination Wedding

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The temptation to plan a wedding far, far away is something that entices all brides. There's something magical and exciting about having your wedding somewhere that isn't your backyard. Somewhere that has a vacation vibe to it, whether it's in a different country, a remote island, or even on a mountaintop.

So if you're considering planning a destination wedding, there are a couple of things you should consider and important factors you should know about before deciding to say your “I Dos” in a place that will require travel, and maybe even a passport. Here, the top ten things to know before deciding on a destination wedding.

1. It Can Get Pricey

If you're interested in doing a destination wedding because you think it may save you money — be warned. Destination weddings add up, especially if you're planning to go to another country or a very remote area.

2. You'll Have A Lot of Baggage

When traveling for your wedding, you'll have to grab a few extra suitcases for the way back. That way, you can bring home decorations, gifts, and other things you accumulated from your wedding weekend.

3. You May Have a Skinny Guest List

Not everyone you love will be able to travel for the wedding. You may end up having a small crowd, which may be something you're okay with.

4. You'll Skip Out on the Gifts

A lot of people who travel to a far flung destination for the wedding will skip on bringing a gift. If you're looking to score a lot of gifts from your guests, this type of wedding may not be the best option.

5. It Can Get a Little Stressful

Unlike a wedding at your local catering hall, you can't just hop in the car and tour the venue whenever you want to see something. Planning from afar can get stressful fast when you're not there to oversee the details.

6. People May Need a Passport

If you're doing your wedding out of the country, give your guests advance notice, in case any of them need to get a passport.

7. Finding Vendors Can Be Tough

Since you're not local to the area, finding quality vendors may be a challenge. It's always good to hire a local wedding planner who can point you in the right direction.

8. You'll Have to Visit Before

It'll be a good excuse to take a vacation! But you may find that one trip to the destination before the wedding isn't enough — and that could get expensive.

9. There Are Ways to Include Everyone

If you do decide to go with a destination wedding, you can use technology (think FaceTime, Skype, or Periscope) to include guests who weren't able to make the trip.

10. Make the Decision that Suits You Best

Some people will tell you a destination wedding is not a good idea. Others will be your biggest advocates. In the end, plan the kind of wedding that suits your style the best.

This article was written by Jen Glantz for Brides.com

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