XO - Angela

Get Clarity in your Business

Step 1 - Discovery Call

Your business is unique with your own goals and challenges.  This time is designed for you to share your needs and expectations.

Step 2 - Strategy Day

In just one day, Angela and her team will work with you and your team to map out your goals and present a plan on how to get there.

Step 3 - Training

We will create a strategic action plan that you and your team can immediately implement with the guidance of our GSD team.

Angela Proffitt

Build a Foundation

As an experienced business owner, you have had a career that has been filled with many wins and a lot of monetary success. Over the years you have relied on your work ethic and industry knowledge to grow your business to where it is today. However one thing you are confident in is what got you here, won’t get you there. You know you need to evolve.

Your business is plateauing and you are being pulled in every direction. Your team has grown but that hasn’t helped the way you expected it would. You have the resources but it seems like there are many tools that are being underutilized. The inefficiency is frustrating and you can’t even wrap your mind around this world of social media.

You have reached the point where you can’t see the forest through the trees and the value of having a 3rd party insight is rapidly growing everyday. At GSD Creative, we provide consulting services that drive revenue and increase retention.


The GSD Team really helped me narrow down my client experience and internal process. They helped me picture how to scale the company and bring on full-time employees. The GSD Team showed me how to be much more productive with using Google Drive and Dropbox for client contracts, and helped me be more direct about what I should and shouldn't be doing for my clients. I actually sleep at night now! I saw results within weeks and I really took all of the advice and practices to heart and implemented right away.
As I went scrolling through my pictures it took me down memory lane of working my GS job as a civil engineer, project manager. Even during that time I made investments in myself by doing trainings with @angelaproffitt … still I hadn’t sacrificed enough to go all in on my dream. I was playing it safe… up until the pandemic that is.
Come into it with a very open mind, come into it knowing that you know you might not implement everything right away but every time you walk away take the things that you know as a business owner that you can implement. Use those and can put the rest on the back burner so you don't get overwhelmed but follow the course of action she lays out because it really can become very fluid and make sense while you’re addressing every single little nugget you can address on your own. She talks a lot about building the foundation and staying the course. And it might not happen for everybody but it does happen for the selected few who put the work in.