Angela Proffitt


Power of 3Ps

The Power of 3P’s is a personalized roadmap to productive communication- and my lifeline. It is a reframe of perception that encourages the value of your personal strengths and how they can best be leveraged with others.

Every Entrepreneur’s MUST Have Apps

From setting up your personal devices, maneuvering through your system specific preferences to downloading the BEST applications around. Here’s a promise, you’ll feel a bit overwhelmed at first.

Gems Unveiled

I want to share with you some of the secrets I have learned in communicating with my clients. In this book, we identify and break down four relatable characters to help you understand how to communicate with those around you.

Volume 1: Wedding and Event Floor Plans

Here, I’ll identify the best apps for design, designing floor plans based off of the needs of your clients, utilizing space efficiently, creating focal points, and using your noggin to think outside of the box.

Volume 2: Wedding and Event Floor Plans

Spoiler, every floor plan is unique and my team and I pride ourselves on customizing each design to accommodate the needs of our clients. I mean, it is a special day, right?

Volume 3: Wedding and Event Floor Plans

We’re back with Volume 3, and this one will leave you speechless. They’re unique, they’re challenging at times, not impossible and absolutely gorgeous. They’re waiting to be recreated by you!

Volume 1: 47 Tips to Planning a Wedding

These steps and methodologies that I have integrated into my business have been a saving grace. I hope you find as much reassurance, confidence and a roadmap of sorts in planning your next successful wedding!

Volume 2: 47 Tips to Planning a Wedding

Always come prepared (thank you Girl Scouts) because you will be asked for some sort of obscure object. Be CLEAR on your timeline. Over-communicate and never assume anything.