17 Beautiful Wedding Tent Ideas

Photo: Matt Andrews Photography

The one thing a couple can't plan for on their wedding day is the weather. Luckily, there is a solution that not only takes care of that potential problem, but does it in big-day style — wedding tents! With a crop of different types and styles, it's never been easier to personalize them to your tastes.

With a ton of customizable options like lighting, weather protection, and structure styles, these tents are the perfect way to bring all the comforts of the indoors straight to your outdoor wedding. And just because you a have a tent, doesn't mean you're limited on wedding décor. Couples can choose between enclosed “room in a room” structures with removable walls or breezy high-top tents perfect for a sunny post-wedding brunch. Coastal couples will love the airy style of sailcloth tents that boast high ceilings and and an open-space feel that's perfect for easy mingling. If you're going for a glamorous, black-tie evening, you should consider elegant fabrics draped across the ceilings with a crystal chandelier hanging overhead. Couples looking for something more minimal can opt for a clear marquee tent decorated with twinkling café lights or hanging greenery garlands for a more bohemian touch.

Ready to rent a dreamy tent of your own? Click through this slideshow of 17 beautiful wedding tent ideas to see how you can decorate your own!

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