20 Groomsmen Gift Ideas for Every Budget

Photo: Kristin Vanzant Photography

Before you ask: Yes, you should buy your groomsmen something on your big day. How big or small the gift is up to you, but there's no better way to say thank you for being part of the wedding day than with a token of your appreciation.

Sure, some people might say that when it comes to bridal party gifts, the bride has it easy, with seemingly endless gift ideas for bridesmaids. (But don't you think she deserves it after all that planning?) There's the getting-ready outfit, the jewelry to match the bridesmaid dress, a sentimental picture frame, a bottle of champagne…, the list goes on. Grooms, well that can be trickier. Of course, you can never go wrong with a tie, a pair of cufflinks, or some fun socks as a groomsmen gift — and we have great options for those here. But what about a gift that really shows off your personality — or that of your best buddies? Don't stress, we've got you covered.

Are you looking for something for the kids at heart? Consider a gift that will inspire a Nerf war, and some great pictures, while you're getting ready. Are your friends the types that gather around a few pints of craft beer? Among other things, how about a personalized six-pack carrier? Bringing your crew on a destination wedding? Consider a travel bag that will help get them there. And we've only just begun. There's also the fashion-forward groomsmen (think: hoodie), the loves-a-guys'-night groomsmen (poker set, anyone?), the music-buff groomsmen (a great set of headphones), and the sports-aficionados (you'll love these golf shirts!).

Whatever your needs, and whatever your budget, we've collected the best groomsmen gifts to give to your best guys. After all, you know exactly how much work your friends put into being your groomsmen. They planned your bachelor party. They bought their suits. They've been there for you through all the wedding nerves. And chances are, your wedding day isn't the first time these guys have stepped up to the plate. These groomsmen gifts are the ultimate way to show them just how much it means to have them by your side on the big day, and through life.

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