2015 Brides Best Honeymoons: The World’s 20 Most Romantic Destinations


From relaxing on the beaches of St. Lucia to eating your way through Italy, we teamed up with TripAdvisor to find the best ways to spend your post-wedding getaway.

We're not going to lie: If you're glowing with the warmth of love and riding on the adrenaline rush of the wedding and the excitement of a brand-new marriage, there are probably a lot of places in the world that can make you happy on your honeymoon. (Trust us, finding the right guy to spend the rest of your life with was a much harder process!) Still, when you find the perfect collaboration of your heart's desire and his, that first vacation together in your new life can be — as magical as a first kiss.

You'll notice that our results span the globe, from exotic to domestic and everything in between. The lesson here? When you're talking about travel, romance comes in a rainbow of flavors. And we see the appeal of them all. While many couples reach for the relaxation of lazing on a beach in a bikini under a palm tree with a frozen fruity drink in hand and sand between well-manicured toes (this could be anywhere from the Maldives to Maui, Fiji, or St. Lucia), others want only to explore the cities of France and Italy one boutique, museum, historic monument, epic meal, and iconic selfie at a time.

Chances are, you'll spend a little more on this vacation than ones in the past and pay more attention to the details. But Instagram ops and amazing souvenirs aside, what really makes this the undeniable trip of a lifetime is the ring on your finger and the guy on your arm.

Check out the list of the most romantic honeymoon destinations here!

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