5 Bridal Moments You Should Never Share on Social Media

Photo: Kristyn Hogan

In an era of wedding hashtags and ceremony live tweeting, the line between sentimental and inappropriate social media posts can get a little gray. If you ever catch yourself wondering whether your upload crosses the line, consider these suggestions for five strictly offline bridal moments.

1. The Planning Frustrations

Whether it's gripes with the mother of the groom, annoyance with vendors, or budget resentment, every bride encounters a few hair-pulling moments when wedding planning. While we strongly suggest airing out these issues over a glass of wine with friends, your social media accounts are not the place to broadcast planning problems. Not only do these posts have the potential to hurt feelings, they're also, just, unflattering. Trust us.

2. The Dress Fittings

We know, you're in a wedding dress, you feel magical, your grandma's grinning and you're so happy your insides are probably filled with glitter. That said, do not post pictures of your wedding dress — or contenders — on social media … in any form. You may think this is harsh but we've heard far too many horror stories of “private posts” being shared beyond their intent and the last thing you want to do is deflate your big entrance with a poorly-lit smartphone photo.

3. The Registry Details

Just because you're really, really excited about that china you registered for at Bloomingdale's does not mean you should Instagram it. Err on the side of discretion and keep any mentions of your registry off social media. If someone happens to ask you a question about your registry online, kindly direct them to your wedding website (where you can divulge all the registry details you'd like) or contact them privately.

4. The Bathroom

You know that photo of all the bridesmaids holding up the bride's dress as she pees? It's been done … and it never looks graceful. Ditch the cliché and find your own quirky moments to capture. Preferably ones that don't include toilets.

5. The Wedding Night

Once you and your groom exit the reception, turn all social media off and enjoy your private time, um, privately, for everyone's sake. We know, you're excited to share your newlywed bliss, but save the selfies for the honeymoon, lovebirds.

This article was written by Jessica Hagy for Brides.com.

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