5 Common Regrets Grooms Have After Their Wedding Day

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No matter how involved a groom is (or isn't!) with the wedding planning process, there will be, without a doubt, things he wished he did differently on the big day. Those wedding regrets can range from how quickly the wedding day flew by or not having enough say over the guest list — all the way to reception décor. To save some time, we've rounded up the five most common groom regrets post-wedding.

1. The Price Tag

Once the guests leave, the honeymoon is over, and the bills start start pilling up, one of the first major regrets will be the cost of the wedding. If no real budget was committed to before the planning began, the aftermath can be pretty rough when reality kicks in about any outstanding debt.

2. The Guest List

Before the wedding, it may have seemed like a good idea to invite anyone and everyone. But in some situations, having too many people there can make the venue feel cramped — or worse — make it difficult to say hello to everyone throughout the event causing major FOMO (fear of missing out) and regrets.

3. Not Planning it Beforehand

While the degree of involvement of a groom during wedding planning, varies, there may be things that may be critiqued post-wedding by a groom wishing he were more involved in the planning process.

4. Forgetting to Arrange an After Party

A fun wedding party doesn't stop just because the venue has to close. An after party is a great way to continue the celebratory vibes at the end of the night. Unfortunately, if thought and planning doesn't go into this aspect, it can be a point of contention later on.

5. Wearing a Tux

While a tuxedo is a go-to style pick among grooms, dancing in a tux is anything but easy. Some grooms are opting for more casual outfit choices — or a change of clothes — just to make sure that they are comfortable in their ensemble throughout the entire day.

This article was written by Jen Glantz for Brides.com.

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