5 Easy Ways to Slim Down Before Your Wedding

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Finding the time to get to the gym every other day while planning one of the biggest moments of your life is nearly impossible. In-home workouts cut down on the travel time and keep you closer to home (where you might be needed), but even that takes away from the energy you will need for tastings, fittings, and a whole host of other meetings before your wedding day rolls around. Well we have ways to slim down with little to no effort and guess what? Some of them actually involve buying food! We tapped world-renowned fitness expert Nicole Winhoffer for tips on how you can look your best on your big day.

Add these foods into your diet to aid in the slimming down process.

Artichokes, avocados, eggs, pickles, and raspberries can help the weight fall off, but those aren't all. Winhoffer suggests, “Asparagus as it is a natural diuretic steamed with no oil or sauce; hot water and lemon as that combination cleanses your digestive track and eases bloating; puréed broccoli soups which you can eat before a meal to fill you up — boil the broccoli in water, hand blend, and add hot sauce for flavor.

Get in three meals a day when you are looking to lose weight and keep it off.

“I believe 3 meals a day suffices,” states Winhoffer. She continues, “You should eat carbs before noon, as your body will burn more fat if you cut glucose calories. Working out after you eat the carbs is definitely the best choice as carbs give your body energy. You should stop eating after 7 p.m. it will be hard but with this discipline, you will see quick results.”

A healthy diet doesn't mean much without exercise.

It is definitely hard to combine both healthy eating with frequent gym sessions, but they go hand-in-hand. Winhoffer states, “Sweating keeps skin glowing, releases toxins, regulates horomones, gets you in touch with your sensuality, connects your muscles, and keeps skin tight. Women must workout to feel their bodies for this important day!” We couldn't agree more!

High-energy workouts that make you feel powerful and pinpoint the areas you would like to work on are the ones to go for.

“My workouts are efficient, to the point, target problem areas, use all muscles all the time, and are sexy,” expresses Winhoffer. “When I work out, I teach women to feel their bodies. That's how women become more beautiful … When they are in touch with their deepest selves. Killer music, new moves, no stopping, cardio, and toning always.” With notable clients including Madonna, Stella McCartney, and Mya, we'd say that Winhoffer's routines are definitely top-notch and effective!

Exercise and meditation are crucial leading up to your big day.

Managing your stress throughout the wedding planning process is one of the most difficult things to do and it can seem nearly impossible. “Calm your mind by working out,” suggests Winhoffer. “This action, brings you to the present moment. Thinking gets in the way. Secondly, meditate every morning. Feel your skin, breathe, and bring your utmost focus to your breath. It's essential!”

Having a friend or family member as a partner to help you stay on track isn't as important as building out a monthly calendar and figuring out when you will be exercising ahead of time.

“When it comes to a workout ally, it depends who it is!”Winhoffer declares. “Sometimes having a buddy helps because you have a responsibility to answer to them, but they have to be motivating, positive, and cannot drag you down in the slightest. Creating a monthly schedule and planning what days you will work out, where, and how will lead you in the right direction.”

This article was written by Faith Cummings for Brides.com.

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