5 Mistakes Groomsmen Make When Renting Suits and Tuxes

After a little bit of nagging, you've finally managed to convince your guy to go with his boys to rent their tuxes. Now, how do you ensure they come back looking like a million bucks and not like they stepped straight out of the movie Boogie Nights? To get some answers, we turned to the founders of The Black Tux, Andrew Blackmon and Patrick Coyne. See what they have to say on the topic, and find out what the most common suit and tux rental mistakes are.

Getting the Wrong Size

When it comes to suit rentals, finding the right fit is a huge issue for groomsmen. “A flattering fit can be hard to come by in your typical stores, especially when today's groom is looking for a slimmer style and more custom feel,” points out Coyne. To nail the look, he suggests having your groomsmen look out for these cues. “Shoulders should be close to the body but not constricting. Sleeves should be long enough to show a quarter to a half-inch of shirt with your arms at your side and your jacket length should end at the base of your thumbs (with your arms at your side).”

Waiting Until the Last Minute

It's things like this that can turn a sweet as sugar bride into a full-on bridezilla. The longer you wait to get fitted and place an order, the more you stress out the bride-to-be, who has other things to worry about, explains Blackmon. “Do your friend a favor and go as early as possible once you know the group style and look. Same goes for returns; mail or bring back your rental the day after the wedding or you could be charged a delay fee,” he warns.

Neglecting the Classics

While this one is obviously up to the bride and groom too, both Coyne and Blackmon recommend choosing a tux or suit for your groomsmen that will stand the test of time. “Rather than picking a unique or crazy colored suit, we always advise our wedding parties to stay within the spectrum of stylish classics,” notes Coyne. Think light or charcoal grey, midnight blue, navy or black. “These colors will look tasteful and sophisticated, contrasting nicely and letting the bride shine on her big day.” The groom and his party can, of course, have some fun with options like slim suspenders, a standout bow tie or a shawl collar tuxedo.

Selecting Overused & Outdated Styles

Unfortunately, renting from some of the big-box formalwear stores often means a single suit or tuxedo may have been worn up to 50 times! “This wear and tear really shows, and worn out polyester is definitely not a good look or feel,” cautions Coyne. “In most cases, the high price rental doesn't match the low quality, and you're better off going somewhere else.” If you're pigeonholed into renting from a specific store though, he suggests trying to request a lesser worn suit or tux.

Forgetting to Check Your Pockets

Before your groomsmen turn in their rentals, remind them to check their pockets for belongings. “At The Black Tux, we've seen it all, from best man speeches to red carpet tickets for the Oscars,” says Blackmon.

This article was written by Elizabeth Mitchell for Brides.com.
Photo: Krista Lee Photography

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