5 Reasons to Love Fall Weddings

Photo: Black & Hue Photography

Simply put, “fall weddings are magical,” says Mari Spiker, California-based event stylist. “The golden light, the crisp air, the better food options — I mean, pumpkin risotto is in season!” But if those reasons alone haven't convinced you to fall for fall weddings, here are five more.

1. Everyone looks better in this season's sunsets.

“During fall, as the evenings start to get darker earlier and the days are starting to cool, you get the most glowing golden light at sunset,” explains Spiker. “It's pure magic — especially for photos!”

2. Fall's harvest makes for a warming, wonderfully sensory menu.

“Not only do incredible foods come in season, but flavors of cinnamon, apples, nutmeg, pumpkin, squash and more can be incorporated into your entrees and desserts,” says Spiker. “Such a nice change up from the usual flavors served at spring and summer weddings. Plus, you can serve hot drinks!”

3. Forget pastels — in fall, you can embrace purple, olive, and more.

“With the changing of the season it gives brides a chance to bring our darker shades and hues for their big day,” says Spiker. “Not everyone is a fan of pastel, am I right?”

4. You won't sweat through your dress.

“No one likes to be overly hot on their big day — guests and wedding party alike,” points out Spiker. “The men will certainly be happier in their suits with the lower temperatures, and cooler temperatures give you a chance to have different style dresses for the bridal party too.”

5. Adding natural elements to your décor is as easy as a walk through the woods — or pumpkin patch.

“You can incorporate squashes and pumpkins with greenery into your décor as an alternative,” Spiker says. “It's so cute, and can be done in a very classy and beautiful way.”

This article was written by Jillian Kramer for Brides.com.

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