5 Wedding Planning Lies Real Brides Were Told

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While anything goes when it comes to planning a wedding, some things you might hear simply aren't true. And we've got five brides ready to separate the lies from the truth. They're revealing the real things people told them before they tied the knot that turned out to be absolutely, positively false.

“Everyone tells you that details matter, but they don't. Guests don't care one bit about the details. Looking back on a friend's wedding, I can't tell you what the bride's colors were, what the centerpieces looked like, or the intricate way she tied each and every ribbon onto the soap bar favors she sent us home with. Details help to add charm and character — but at the end of the day, your guests care that you had a good time, they had a good time, that everyone ate and drank well, and that the event as a whole was filled with joy and laughter.” — Jessica

“Several women have made me feel like my dress needed to be expensive or come from a fancy bridal boutique. But I had a friend who bought her dress used from a consignment shop for $150 — and she looked dynamite. I found a dress online that matches my personality to a ‘T,' and someone in town is making it for me for less that $400.” — Elizabeth

“We were told that we can't leave anyone off of the guest list, or if someone invited us to our wedding, we have to invite them. But weddings are expensive and you should be sharing that day — and ultimately the price tag — with the people that you sincerely want there. Just because you work with them — or that certain gal pal or cousin invited you to her wedding — doesn't mean that you need to return the favor. Surround yourself with the people who truly matter to you.” — Kara

“Everywhere I looked on the Internet or in wedding magazines, I saw the same outline: Planning a wedding takes 18 months. Not at all! We planned ours in six months. Our wedding is two months away and nearly everything is ready to go! All we have to do is show up.” — Amy

“I had a friend tell me that DJ‘s aren't necessary anymore — you can just make a playlist. But sorry, that's not true. If you're having a large event or are truly wanting to end the night with a dance party, you need to pay for a professional. Plus, more than being just a music man, a DJ is often your master of ceremonies.” — Jill

This article was written by Jillian Kramer for Brides.com

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