50 Mistakes Grooms Always Make

Photo: Matt Andrews Photography

Before it's time to put on your tuxedo, lace up your dress shoes and stare into the eyes of the love of your life during a wedding ceremony you'll never forget, you may find yourself wondering what your role is as a groom.

Everyone knows that as a groom, you'll be spending a lot of quality time with your groomsmen celebrating throughout the wedding adventure, but with the pre-partying fun comes a little bit of work and a lot of support for your fiancée.

Whether you're on to get dirty with details or you normally stay in the background and let your other half take charge and plan away, there are still some responsibilities you should add to your to-do list and make sure you're present for, in order to avoid any added stress or spur-of-the-moment fights with your fiancée during the wedding-planning process. So after your engagement has set in and before it's time to walk down the aisle, take a look at these common mistakes grooms find themselves making and vow, right here, right now, to not make them before, during or even after your starring moment as the groom during your wedding.

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