40 Adorable Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

Photo: Black & Hue Photography

Whether you and your fiancé share a beloved pet or you can't imagine walking down the aisle without your childhood pup, there are plenty of ways to make your favorite animal part of your wedding day. From dogs and cats to more unexpected four-legged friends like goats and elephants, you'll be surprised (and delighted!) by all of the creative ways couples are incorporating their pets into their big day.

One great way to include your pet is during the ceremony. Dogs often stand in for the flower girl or ring bearer. Plus, you can dress them accordingly with an adorable top hat or flower crown. This is a picture-perfect wedding moment!

If you and your groom are fans of the less-traditional animal, there's no need to shy away from including them. Couples often find unique ways to incorporate baby goats, birds, elephants, horses and even pigs into their special day, making for some incredible photos.

Sure, including a pet in your ceremony or reception may take a little extra work and planning, but you'll be pleased to have included your animal pal in the long run. To help you find the best way to include your dog, cat, horse or any other animal you love, here are 40 examples of real brides and grooms that made places for pets in the wedding day.

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