6 Wedding Photography Trends That Will Be Huge This Year

Photo: Kristyn Hogan

A picture is worth a thousand words — and your wedding photos? Well, they're pretty much priceless! To make sure your photographer gets the big picture and all of your priceless moments, we're spilling the beans on some of the hottest wedding photography trends of 2016 you'll definitely want to try.

1. Drones

One trend wedding and event photographer Manny Carabel of MTC Photography sees coming on strong is the advent of the drone rage, not only for videographers, but also for still photographers. “I think for a photographer, it gives you the vantage point of capturing images of things, people, and places you may not be able to get by standing in one spot,” he says. You can also capture brides and groom pictures from a completely different perspective (i.e. not on the ground). “Keep in mind that the quality of the photo will most likely not be as good as the professional DSLRs we carry,” he warns, “but it would be good enough for that fun and unique shot from above.”

2. Film Photography

According to fine art wedding, boudoir, and film photographers Kristin La Voie, you can expect to see this trend really blow up in 2016. “Film photographers have noticed a huge increase in demand already, often leading to booking far in advance and leaving many brides and grooms on the never ending hunt for someone who's available.” So, what exactly is film photography, and why are couples so obsessed? Essentially, it's the use of analog cameras and negative film (think developing in a dark room versus on a computer). “Film renders light, color, and tones differently than digital images. Typically, they're softer, more flattering — and have a more painterly feel than the vivid, crisp digital photos.”

3. Editorial Style Shots

What bride doesn't want her wedding pics to look like they came straight out of a magazine? As New York-based wedding photographer Amy Anaiz puts it, your wedding is the perfect moment for a styled photograph since you'll be all glam, groomed, and both wearing clothing that makes you feel like a million bucks. “Being shot in an editorial style essentially means using beautiful, flattering light, paying close attention to detail, and ensuring the images are clean,” she says. “It's creating portraits of the couple that have a visual impact because your eyes are drawn to their deep expressions and deliberate placement — similar to what you see in magazines.”

4. Smoke Bombs

Sparklers are out, and smoke bombs are in! “I cannot tell you how often we're asked how we accomplish this fun photo effect,” tells Atlanta-based photographer, Jenevieve Purcell, of Gemini and the Bear. “A lot of people think it is done in post, but we just use colored smoke bombs,” she notes.

5. Less Filters, More Natural

Thanks to Instagram, photography filters have been all the rage. However, in 2016, Brooklyn-based wedding, engagement, and family photographer Ben Deibert believes that brides will seek a more natural, real editing style of their photos, allowing their beauty to shine through with natural, simplistic editing and lighting.

6. All Black & White Photos

This trend will give a whole new meaning to #TBT pics! As Deibert points out, vintage-styled weddings have been popular for the last few years, which is why he thinks we'll see 2016 couples requesting black and white photos as part of the final output — to align with their throw-back style and aesthetic.

This article was written by Elizabeth Mitchell for Brides.com.

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