7 Foolproof Ways to Keep Your Wedding Day Drama Free

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You may be able to control many things about your wedding day, but one thing that can easily spiral out of control is the drama that starts surround you and your big day. Whether it's trying to find a vendor that's running late or trying to sober up a bridesmaid that's had too many pre-wedding cocktails at the rehearsal dinner, you may find yourself face-to-face with a moment of drama wondering what to do.

If you're looking to keep your wedding drama free, here are seven ways to stay proactive to make sure that happens.

1. Plan Ahead

The more you're able to plan ahead, the less uncertainty you'll have on your wedding day — and therefore less drama. Be sure to plan out an itinerary for the day and pass it along to everyone involved, from bridesmaids to each and every one of your wedding vendors so that everyone.

2. Stay Organized

Keep all your wedding planning documents in one place and have them readily available, with paper copies and digitally, so you can refer to them if you have questions or need to double check anything.

3. Delegate Tasks

The less you're responsible for on your wedding day, the less drama you'll find yourself having to deal with. Delegate tasks to friends, wedding vendors, and even trusty family members.

4. Ditch Your Phone

You may have an urge to cling to your cell phone on your wedding day, but a helpful way to avoid unwanted stress via text messages and social media, turn your phone off for the day.

5. Give Yourself Alone Time

Schedule in some time for yourself on the morning of your wedding. If your bridesmaids are arguing or talking about something that gives you stress, tell them to stop or head out for a walk. Even going to a different room so you can have some peace and quiet is helpful for a few minutes.

6. Ignore Drama That Comes Your Way

If people present you with problems on your wedding day or perhaps stories about guests not getting along, exit the conversation and remember it's more important, in that moment, to enjoy your party.

7. Think About Your Guest List

Before sending out invitations, review your guest list and consider taking people off who you know will add drama to the wedding day. Surround yourself with people who want to be there to celebrate you and the love that you have found in your life — and not make it about themselves.

This article was written by Jen Glantz for Brides.com.

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