A Great Product Takes Time

As the lead editor for my company, it is important to me that all of our clients understand the process post-wedding. I educate our clients to ensure they understand that getting a great, customized wedding trailer takes time.

Waiting 3-5 months is well worth having a custom video that shows the highlights of your wedding day in a short story. Since we do not use a template, we spend many hours filtering through all the footage and trying different ideas in order for us to come up with the best possible wedding trailer customized for your special day.

More and more clients want a same day edit or a 2-week turnaround on their wedding video. While these options are available, the outcome will be different. We are forced to use a template for a same day edit or a 1-2 week turn around. If you also recall the last blog about the postproduction tasks, you would understand that there is much to do after filming a wedding and the entire post-production process is necessary to complete each video successfully.

It could take days to pick out the structure of the musical score, align it with the audio of the vows and toasts and make sure it all sounds perfect. It can take several days just to filter though all of the footage and select the content wisely. As we filter through the footage and begin to create the trailer we ask ourselves questions like:

– Will this flattering shot be relevant to the story?

– If not, can we find a way to just throw it in there because the client looks so good in that light?

– How can we incorporate this slow cinematic shot during such an energetic part of the video?

– Does the trailer have a build up or is it flat all the way through? We want it to be engaging and hold the attention of the audience.

– Is someone making an ugly face in the background or is there trash on the table?

After we filter through the film and come up with an idea on how to construct your trailer, we finally get to build the trailer (which is the fun part!) After we put all the puzzle pieces together, we have to adjust the audio, color and timing of each clip. Editing the creative part of the trailer is not a job that can be done by multi-tasking. It requires 100% of the editor’s attention and complete focus. This makes it a challenge to perform day-to-day activities while trying to construct the skeleton of a wedding trailer. When an editor is developing the wedding trailer, they are in a state of mind which makes it impossible to juggle meetings, clerical work, organization, phone calls, etc .

When I am in the middle of editing the creative structure of a wedding trailer, I don’t talk to anyone and sometimes I don’t take a shower for days. This is why our team sets aside the necessary amount of time during the postproduction for each and every client. It is understandable that you would be anxious to relive your special moments as soon as possible, but being patient with time will result in a more quality and customized wedding trailer.

This article was written by Zane Hauck of Zane Karl Studios.

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