A Red Carpet Event: Karesse & Ron

On September 24th, Karesse and Ron rolled out the red carpet for their spectacular movie themed wedding at the Hutton Hotel, which was nothing short of an Emmy award! Guests posed for photos against the bride’s own customized backdrop with pictures provided by Picture This Nashville, to create fun memories for the couple on their special day.  The array of flowers, designed by Village of Flowers, fruits and candles filled the room to compliment the beauty of the jewels that danced around the room.

One of our favorite elements was surprising the guests with a fun video made by With This Ring.    And what would a movie be without popcorn?  Creatively displayed labels made by the bride’s mother were the perfect favor for the departure of their guests! The eHarmony commercial the couple created really added to their special movie night by confirming their love is true, fun and unique.

[photosmash id=99]

Pictures provided by Carmon Imaging.

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