ABC Family’s “Job or No Job”


Gigi McDowell, an aspiring event planner, leaves her friends and family behind in Dallas to fly out to Nashville to interview with three successful companies in her field. In her first interview with Nathaniel Beaver, Co-Owner of Infinity, Gigi is put to the test when she’s asked to pick five varieties of scotch and whiskey and an interesting fact about each of them—in five minutes. Later, she interviews with Randi Lesnick, Founder of Randi Events, and is tasked with putting a wedding together on the spot. Finally, she meets with Angela Proffitt, Owner of Vivid Experiences, who interviews her for an eight week internship—unpaid. Jane, touched by GiGi’s story of losing her mother at a young age and getting into Event Planning to follow in her footsteps, encourages GiGi along the way to keep her chin up and let her voice be heard. Be sure to tune into ABC Family on Wednesday, August 19 at 9pm EDT/8PM CDT to see where Gigi ends up!

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