Bachelorette-Party Requests: From Sweet to Silly to Downright Crazy

A bachelorette party can be anything you want it to be, from a serious slumber party or a day of pampering at the spa to a night of debauchery that a few of you may not remember. One thing that always comes out of a bachelorette celebration? Stories! We asked real brides and their real BFFs to spill on the requests that were made (and even delivered on!). How will your last fling before the ring compare?

“I only had one request for my bachelorette party: a room full of Shiba Inu puppies! Was it outlandish? Yes. Did it happen? No. But can you imagine how great it would have been?!” —Sarah

“One bride friend of mine went beyond the ‘little white dress, little black dress’ request [where the bride wears white and all her ‘maids and friends wear black for a night out]. She even insisted that everyone pack black bikinis so she would stand out in her white suit during our pool day.” —Nicole

“I helped plan the absolute best destination bachelorette weekend at the Ojai Valley Inn. The bride didn’t want gifts but instead wanted every guest to come with a talent or performance so we could put on a talent show. We rented a suite and connecting rooms and turned the living room into a stage. Girls brought costumes and props, and we had popcorn, goodies, wine and champagne. It was a total blast!” —Melinda

“Not the bride, but her BFF. The maid of honor arranged for a stripper to come to the hotel where we were pre-gaming. He walked in all sexy, but the bride was totally unfazed (read: oblivious). She thought he was room service! She asked him to take a picture of all of us, which he did—and then he awkwardly explained that he was actually a stripper and started his performance. We were all laughing so hard that no one really took it seriously. Better yet, one of the girls matched with him on Tinder later that night!” —Audrey

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