Catherine’s Wedding

There is never a dull moment in the event industry! This past weekend took Elegant Weddings down to Columbia, Tennessee for another private residence wedding to be featured in a show later this summer by CMT! We stepped in to assist with the planning of this wedding about four weeks before the date, which made for a very busy month! Collaboration and communication was key in preparing for this event, and while the day was extremely hot and long, everyone communicated and worked together to make the day run as smoothly as possible. Of course there were challenges to overcome, but that’s what we were there for!

The ceremony took place in the yard around the pool, with the bride’s aisle actually a runway bridging the pool! As the music changed and the bride was about to take her trip down the aisle/runway, sheer drapes parted to reveal her standing with her father as rose petals floated effortlessly from the balcony. CMT Interview sessions with the bride and groom continued after the ceremony, and after family pictures were quickly concluded, cocktail hour finished with the guests finding their way into the reception tent.

The cake was a beautiful design of strawberry and buttercream to perfectly match the pinks, jewels, feathers, and sparkles the bride chose, along with cake shots identical to the wedding cake and a separate chocolate shot. The candles, and lace tablecloths and other décor were brought to life by the string lights and parameter up-lighting strategically arranged around the tent. A very memorable reception!  And while the day was long and hot, our event team’s passion and commitment to our clients made it all worthwhile at the night’s end when the bride and groom were pleased with their day.

The couple was featured on CMT's hit show “Last Days Before I Do”. Only a few days before they were to be married, they each went on dates with other people in the ultimate test to their relationship. It was a journey to find themselves and challenge their love.

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