Consulting Services That Drive Revenue and Increase Retention



Consulting Services That Drive Revenue and Increase Retention




Your business is unique with your own goals and challenges.  This time is designed for you to share your needs and expectations.



In just one day, Angela and her team will work with you and your team to map out your goals and present a plan on how to get there.



GSD team will create a strategic action plan that you and your team can immediately implement or GSD team can help with this.


As an experienced business owner, you have had a career that has been filled with many wins and a lot of monetary success. Over the years you have relied on your work ethic and industry knowledge to grow your business to where it is today. However one thing you are confident in is what got you here, won’t get you there. You know you need to evolve.

Your business is plateauing and you are being pulled in every direction. Your team has grown but that hasn’t helped the way you expected it would. You have the resources but it seems like there are many tools that are being underutilized. The inefficiency is frustrating and you can’t even wrap your mind around this world of social media.

You have reached the point where you can’t see the forest through the trees and the value of having a 3rd party insight is rapidly growing everyday. At GSD Creative, we provide consulting services that drive revenue and increase retention.


"Specific challenges that I faced before working with Angela and her team were the marketing for sure, in particular outreach to a certain customer demographic and growth in that side of my company. I sought out Angela because I saw the success she had with growing her own company. I thought particular she would be an expert in what we’re doing so we’re a wedding focused company, an event planning focused company and she’s an expert in her field and so I saw how she was able to help other people’s companies grow and I also have a great relationship with her. Angela helped me in resolving my challenges by helping me create plans to get things done specifically. So we set goals, and then we put plans into place to meet those goals and so then it was up to me to take the action and make sure that things grew correctly and that those goals were achieved but we really kind of sit down, broke down exactly what the goals were very specific plans on how I wanted to reach those goals, what I can do to reach those goals really stayed on me and held me accountable for keeping it going too. My advice for others who are considering working with Angela and her team are to stay true to what you need to do. Don’t start unless you really want to get things done. While Angela and her team are good, it takes effort on you required. You can’t expect things to happen overnight, be patient, implement the processes, stick to the plans and things to grow but you have to be able to put the time and effort in on your side too. For my company I saw changes immediately, we’re a little different though, we’re unique in what we’re doing. I saw changes immediately because I had so many goals that I wanted to achieve. So it was easy for me to see changes once we implemented plans to get things done. It was very beneficial for me on that part, things change immediately once we re-routed ourselves in where we needed to go."

-Gigi, Founder of Fetefully

"My name is Carl Clemetson and I own Hometown Elegance Event Catering & Productions. Specific challenges were how to go paperless the biggest challenge was having stacks of paper on my desk with notes and everything. So we began that process by implementing some new software to take care of some of those paper files. Angela is the tip of the sphere so to speak in terms of automation. She is the leading edge of the tech side in terms of our industry. She knows a lot of software that I’ve looked at so Angela just was the right fit for what we are looking at. We started implemented it a few months ago and we’ve already seen some of the changes now that all the notes are in one place versus somebody have in one notebook versus me having another notebook and having to have a series of meetings and prepare notes for everything. You know I have access to all the materials digitally for someone off-site, not in the office, and so all the files and stuff it’s all digitally available. The hardest part is doing the work, you could listen to advice all day long but unless you do work that Angela tells you to do then that’s the only way you’re gonna get the return is actually doing the work from the advice. Just listen, and do the work."

-Carl Clemetson, Founder, Hometown Catering


Angela Proffitt is an award-winning 8-figure entrepreneur & CEO of The Profitable Shift. She is no stranger to the spotlight. As a consultant with several books as well as an in-demand speaker. Angela has appeared on ABC, CMT, TLC, E! and other national networks.

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