Creative Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

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It's important to take care of out-of-town guests traveling a long way to attend your wedding — starting with their arrival. So what better way to greet your guests than with a welcome bag full of goodies? And these welcome bags aren't just there for show. They provide a glimpse of the festivities to come — allowing you and your groom to highlight the most important parts of the weekend with thoughtful, personalized details.

While a typical welcome bag consists of basic wedding-day essentials like water bottles and mints, more couples are finding ways to incorporate their personality into the details. Start off by highlighting the locale's unique offerings with a re-useable map tote filled with postcards and brochures while making note of your favorite eateries and attractions. Next, if your hometown is known for a specific food or beverage, be sure to include them to add some local flavor! (Think: Florida oranges or Cape Cod chips in the northeast.) Hosting beachside nuptials? Throw in sunglasses or beach towels marked with your wedding-day hashtag. Welcome bags also allow you to mix-and-match complementary items like olive oil and bread or even whiskey and chocolate (a nice compromise for you and your groom). Finally, for couples looking out for their heavy-imbibing guests, opt for a hangover kit that's packed with all the first-aid necessities.

From the arrival to the send-off, you can be sure that your guests feel right at home with these creative welcome bag ideas. Click through to see our favorite wedding welcome bags that will leave you inspired to create your own!

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