Dance Lessons
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Recently, dance lessons are becoming increasingly popular with our couples. Couples share with us that performing in front of hundreds of guests can be uncomfortable, thus it is easier to focus on steps learned through a dance instructor and not the gazed eyes from the crowd.

Dance lessons are great for establishing the base of working together as a team, which can be used throughout the rest of your life together.  Surprisingly, the groom’s are the ones who appreciate the lessons the most – when they were the least enthusiastic about them in the first place. A professional dance instructor can help you and your partner communicate, in life and in dance.

The average couple typically requires 5 to 10 lessons in order to be comfortable with their first dance.  However, if you do not have the time to spend every week learning a dance for your wedding it is okay.  We had a couple from Poland who came in a week before their wedding and practiced every day for six days straight and performed the most amazing dance to a live band that kept their 500 plus guest in awe!  When considering a song for your first dance, if it is going to be choreographed, discuss having the song played from an iPod versus performing to a live band. We recommend certain instructors based on availability and personality to fit our clients’ needs.

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