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“Afghanistan Through the Eyes of a Soldier”
A collection of photographs and video by Duran Bunch at Bryant Gallery

Bryant Gallery is pleased to present “Afghanistan Through the Eyes of a Soldier” photographs and video by D…uran Bunch, opening March 30th. Bunch, a former high fashion model from Nashville, shows distinctive work from his recent tour as a US soldier.

As a model Bunch worked with world renowned photographers Steven Klein and Steven Meisel. He did runway work for many designers such as John Galliano,Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood, Tommy Hilfiger and Alessandro dell’acqua.

Years in front of the camera as one of the top models in the world allowed Bunch to understand the intimate connection between subject and viewer both in video and still photography; consequently the focus in each of his images creates an immediate and undeniable relationship with the observer. Bunch’s shift from gracing glamorous shoots and runways to being stationed in Afghanistan gives his work an urgency- both soldier and model knowing how important it is to get the shot. Bunch’s uncommon experiences therefore are not so clearly dichotomous, but establish his singularly fascinating and rare artistic voice in this retrospective.

Textures abound in his work; from sand, stripped paint, and explosions to posed helicopters and children’s faces, Bunch’s reflections are tangible, gritty, and stark. Bunch’s command of light and balanced exposure give his work effective clarity and surprising beauty. Some images candid and some guarded, each moment, even those of men at rest, is tense, pulsating, and raw. Bunch’s extraordinary talent lies not only in capturing these moments, but in the implication of what came before, what will come after, and what is waiting around the corner. Bunch’s eye combines with his background to create intensity and compassion that engage spectators. He is an observer, an artistic participant, and a documentary soldier all at once.

With this must-see exhibition, The Bryant Gallery continues its commitment to showcasing local artists, unique viewpoints, and unexpected avenues of art and expression. Bunch’s exceptional worldview and perspective reflected in “Afghanistan Through the Eyes of a Soldier” are distinct, haunting, and poignant. Proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

About Bryant Gallery:
Bill Brimm, Owner
1113 Woodland Street, Nashville, TN

Opening Hours:
Exhibition: Saturday March 30th – Sunday May 5th
Opening Reception: Saturday March 30th 6:00 – 9:00

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