Every Question You Should Ask When Choosing a Ceremony Site

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You're engaged, you've settled your budget and you've chosen the time of year you'd ideally like to get married. Next up: finding the ceremony site of your dreams! When it comes to scouting the place you'll exchange your precious vows, there are many things you need to keep in mind, from guest capacity to remembering to make reservations for the rehearsal. The questions you ask when scouting a ceremony site completely depend on the type of ceremony you wish to have. As you can imagine, holding your ceremony at a religious venue will hold more restrictions than an outdoor garden. Here is a list of questions you need to ask when you're visiting a potential ceremony location.

If you are thinking about a church or temple:

– Are there any clothing restrictions? Are you allowed to bare your shoulders?
– How much of the ceremony are allowed to customize (like vows or speakers)
– Will communion or a chuppah will be provided?
– Are photography and videography allowed? If so, where they can stand during the ceremony?
– Is music provided? Are you allowed to bring in outside music?
– What additional fees come with choosing this facility (i.e. if you choose to use a church's organist or a temple's cantor, do you have to pay them separately or a fee for their services).

General questions you should ask at any type of venue:

– Are you allowed to decorate? If so, what restrictions go along with that process?
– When can the florist and other vendors come to set up? Is there a good spot for them to deliver everything? Also, how will everything be disposed following the ceremony?
– Are there any other weddings the same day?
– Is there a room for the bride and groom to get ready before the ceremony?
– What is the parking situation like? (Especially for the car that will carry you and your groom)
– Can you throw rose petals or seeds following the ceremony?

And, of course, when you choose to book don't forget to reserve the location for the rehearsal the night before, too!

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