Food Presentation
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When doing a tasting with your caterer, be sure to inquire about food presentation. Not only do you want your food to taste good, you want it to look good too. Even by adding a small garnish, the detail factor makes your guests appreciate the delicious menu you have selected for them. In the pictures above (*Descriptions below), we wanted to share with you a few items we have recently tasted and they make one bite appetizers and desserts look exquisite.

In addition to your traditional wedding cakes, dessert bars have become very popular. When displaying your sweet treats, remember the little touches make the biggest impact.

Picture Details:

*Ceviche served in a mini glass tumbler with tropical leaf garnish

*Lemon meringue bar embellished with fresh lemon wheel, sprig of mint, dusted with powdered sugar

*Strawberry &  blueberry atop a puff pastry with vanilla creme

*Coconut cream cake decorated with pineapple, kiwi, & tropical leaf garnish

*Mini chocolate teacups filled with an assortment of tropical fruit featuring a delightful surprise (chocolate mousse in the bottom)

*Milk & white chocolate floral cup filled with chocolate mousse, candied toffee, served with strawberry adornment sprinkled with cocoa powder

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