Here’s What Not to Say to Your Bridesmaids Before the Wedding

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As your wedding day approaches, one more item you should add on your to-do list is the task of making sure your bridesmaids are pumped up and excited for your wedding day. Your bridal party will be your go-to group of pals to keep you feeling stress-free and happily helping you to get ready for the walk down the aisle. That's why you may want to make an extra effort to scrap any and all negative comments to them pre-wedding. Here's a quick list of the top four things you shouldn't say to your bridesmaids before your wedding.

1. “It's going to be a long night.”

Your wedding day may be extra long for your bridal party, who will most likely arrive early for hair and makeup and spend lots of time before the ceremony posing for photos. Instead of letting them know that the day will be a headache, pump them up with positive vibes.

2. “My wedding is not about you.”

Though it truly is your wedding day, you probably wouldn't be able to make it down the aisle without your loyal bridal party. Be sure to make them feel appreciated and part of your wedding team. In the end, your wedding is a celebration for you and your friends and family.

3. “Listen to everything I say.”

Remember, that your bridal party consists of your closest friends, and often times friends react positively when they're met with a calm, caring bride. Instead of asking your bridesmaids to do everything that you ask on your wedding day, instead give them the basics: what time they need to know up and what they should bring, and then make the rest of the day a fun time.

4. “I'm going to be a Bridezilla.”

If you're already feeling like you may transform into the ultimate bridezilla on your wedding day, it's best to take a step back and even ask your bridesmaids to help keep you in-check on your wedding day, rather than just letting them know that you'll be in full Bridezilla mode and that they should beware.

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