(How To) Keep Your Dance Floor Packed

Everyone wants to have their dance floor packed to the very end of the night. What characteristics should your band or dj have in order to accomplish this and is there anything you can do to help ensure your crowd stays up on their feet?

There should be no pause between songs. Otherwise, people tend to either start leaving the dance floor or hesitate becoming more critical of what is coming next. On the other hand, when one song flows smoothly into the next it keeps most people where they are with their energy rarely waning. Ask whether or not your entertainment works in this manner.

Placement and sequence of songs is another important factor – when to play the right song and at the right time. This well-honed skill takes years of experience to develop. It is not enough to simply play all your requests and the band or DJ’s selections at any given moment. They need to be able to “read the crowd” and take the room on an emotional journey that constantly builds to the end of the night. My acts never show up with a fully developed and final set list. Being flexible and reading the crowd to determine what to play and when is critical.

With a band, front singers must be the type of professionals who fully understand why they are there which is to help facilitate your celebration. They must have the skills and desire to engage and connect with your guests. It is their responsibility to set a tone for the entire crowd that is positive, energetic and joyful.

Your entertainment needs to address the several generations of guests who grew up with a completely different set of musical styles. They must play something for everyone yet at the same time have it crossover so that each person can enjoy every moment. Older music such as standards by Sinatra and even Motown should be played earlier in the night saving most of the party songs, like Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer,” for later in the night when the crowd is more loosened up. The same goes for current top 40 hits. Some should be sprinkled in early in the night to let the crowd know that more is coming but most should be saved for later to really take your party over the top.

Pre-planning is a must. It is more than just about song requests. Ask your band leader or dj to give input into your event’s timeline. They are entertainment professionals who should use their carefully developed expertise to know how the timing should flow. When the doors open to your reception have your entertainment play upbeat dance music to set the tone letting your guests know this is going to be an exciting party! Consider dancing between courses to keep the party atmosphere going and not lose too much energy unless the meal is in a different location from the dancing.

Your entertainers are in a unique and powerful position to positively influence the outcome of your party. The key is to make every single person feel they are part of a wonderful and celebratory experience, filling the dance floor, and creating memories for a lifetime!

Andy Kushner

Andy has received more press and both national and international awards than any other entertainment professional in the event industry. His Entertainment Productions have been featured in every media imaginable including television, magazines, newspapers, radio and numerous on-line outlets. From Billionaire clients’ weddings in remote and exotic locations to large-scale corporate worldwide Andy and his close-knit team incorporate innovative elements that take every event to unimaginable levels.

Named a Top 25 Trendsetter alongside with Preston Bailey, Sylvia Weinstock and Colin Cowie, Andy and his team craft a personalized music and entertainment design concept for every wedding, gala and corporate client. Their company-founded musical acts include the internationally known band, SoundConnection as well as Marquise Rhythm6 SoundNation and PopCulture Strings.

“As an Entertainment Designer, my work begins well in advance of the event to make sure I understand the host’s vision, goals, needs and purpose. I create one-of-a-kind concepts for my clients to make events unlike any other they have previously experienced – true customization.” – Andy Kushner

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