A few weeks ago, I was given the honor of going to beautiful Italy! I was wined and dined by Portofino's finest hotels and restaurants, while learning more and more about European destination weddings!

The Destination Wedding Conference was made possible by Cinza and Alice with Sposiamo Vi. Their aim was to show the unique personalities of each venue, allowing the planners' imaginations to run wild. By visiting the venues and meeting the vendors, planners could develop accurate recommendations for future destination brides.


Marina di Loano– Not your typical boating marina, this port also has the Bfly club with luxurious amenities and a variety of beautiful locations to hold a wedding. Whether by the cabana lined beach or in the yacht club, you do not need a membership to take advantage of these outstanding venues. Clean lines and furnishings provide guests a relaxing resort-like experience.

Castello Il Palagio– A medieval castle dating back to 1200, this historic house can be rented for any kind of event. Situated amongst the endless vineyards and olive groves of the Chianti region, the villa is an Italian escape. The beautiful scenery serves as the dream background for romantic wedding events and photographs. Imagine telling all of your friends you were married in an Italian castle!

Signora del Vento– How would you like to get married on the open sea? Here is your chance! This magnificent ship has the finest chef and most spacious accommodation on the Mediterranean. It even offers water sports off the stern platform, for those looking for a little extra fun. For being detached from land, it has everything you could want.


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Villa CimbroneWith the entire property being stunningly beautiful, this hotel is suitable for any kind of wedding. What was once a 12th century residence has been transformed into a hotel for those wanting a taste of the buildings heritage. The well perserved hotel allows guests to imagine a life living in an Italian villa.

La Canzone del Mare– Located on Capri Island, this hotel has breathtaking views overlooking the ocean. Built back in the 1800s by an Italian opera writer, the hotel's history has become a well known aspect of the island. The staff will make you feel like royalty as they wine and dine you through your wedding.

Excelsior Palace Hotel– Though I travelled around to the different venues, the conference was held in this hotel. Overlooking the Portofino coastline, the view was stunning! I would often sit by the pool on my breaks, enjoying the cloudless blue skies and sunlight. It was great to have such a comfortable place to come back to in the evenings.

Loano 2 Village– If you look for a hotel with lots of adventure and fun things to do, this is the one for you! Situated by 2 rivieras, there is everything from caves to Aquariums near by. With a kid friendly environment, it is perfect for an active wedding party of all ages.

Esplanade Hotel Resort & Spa– Located on the shore of Lake Maggiore, this Mediterranean inspired hotel places emphasis on relaxation and the environment. With a tranquil spa, views overlooking the beautiful water and mountains, and environmentally friendly architecture, the hotel would serve as a wonderful accommodation for your guests!

La Cervara– This hotel is quintessential Italy! With a perfectly sculpted landscape, overflowing with blooming flowers and endless greenery, and tiled arced doorways, the hotel is a stunning image of Italy. The history leads all the way back to 1361 when the building was used as a monastery. In an effort to preserve their background, the surroundings are an irresistible backdrop for a wedding.

Ca'Sagredo Hotel– Looking to get married in Venice? This hotel is a perfect mix of Venetian elegance and sophistication. Imagine traveling to your hotel by gondola and getting the first glimpse of your muraled reception. If you want an elaborate, romantic Italian wedding, this is the place for you!

Minareto Grand Hotel– This hotel is true to its name, grand! On the coast of Siracusa, Italy, the hotel pays close attention to detail, both on site and with their guests. Welcoming guests through art and history, the hotel guarantees comfort and a glorious Italian experience.

Villa Principe Leopoldo Hotel & Spa– The conference also included vendors from other European countries. This hotel is located in Lugano, Switzerland, amongst the unbelievable mountains. The hotel prides themselves in providing trailer-made events, suitable to the clients' needs. The building is perfectly positioned to allow sun to stream through each and every room. One walk on the terrace and you will fall in love with Switzerland and the hotel!

Daios Cove– Demetrius, the owner of the resort, showed me first hand their one of a kind customer service. Located in Crete, his hotel is an upscale experience from decor to food. With childcare center, parents are free to enjoy the state of the art spa in peace. The infinity pool offers the spacious rooms an undistracted view of the water below. The site also has a number of different size villas available for the more private guest looking for an escape.

LifeClass Hotel and Spa– Situated on coastal Slovenia, this hotel is bringing tourism to the small central European country. As the center of the town, this hotel is known for it's Portus Congress Centre where numerous groups meet annually. The hotel not only provides a high quality experience for adults, but also appeals to children with a pool, care center, and on-site playground.


Manuelina– Whenever you tell people you are going to Italy, the first thing they tell you is to eat as much as possible, because you will not find food that good anywhere in the states! We went to this restaurant one evening and I finally understood what everyone was talking about. Having been in business since the 1800s, when grandmother Manuelina first began serving Cheese Focaccia, this fun loving family has been sharing their family recipes for years.


Djwedding– After dancing the night away at the welcome party, we found out that the dj was more than just spinning turn tables. The organization has swept the wedding industry by providing a diverse crew of various backgrounds. They are a one stop shop for couples, offering everything from photographers to  jazz quartets, new idea in the market.


Emotions Mago di Oz– Federico Valenzano, an Italian photographer, makes a point to capture the personal elements of a wedding. Mixing a classic journalistic approach and staged romantic still shots, he works with the couple to provide a unique documentation of their special day.

Sandro Ariu Photography– Sandro Ariu aims to tell the story of your wedding with his camera. He captures the natural sincerity of the event through emotion and attention to detail. With two photographers at each event, the images portray many different perspectives. His quality has even been recognized through various national awards.

Floral Design:

Rattiflora– This florist can create anything from flowers! Whether softening a ceremony area with overflowing blooms, tightly packing a bridal bouquet, or forming an intricate design out of flower heads, these florist can make your floral fantasies a reality.


I had the BEST time, visiting lots of amazing places and meeting many new friends!

Thanks to Riccardo Lavezzo for capturing the fun we had in his fabulous documentation!


Just imagine, YOU could be my next destination bride to get married in Italy!

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