Low-Calorie Cocktails to Sip While Getting Fit

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Happy hours and other festive occasions can quickly turn into calorie blunders for brides-to-be that are working on their fitness and health in advance of the big day. Fear not. We've compiled a list of some of our favorite low-cal and low-guilt cocktails and libations for you to sip without undoing all your hard work to look your bridal best. Cheers!

Vodka & Soda

Whether you prefer plain club soda, flavored seltzer or a diet version of your favorite soft drink, vodka and soda is the standard go-to cocktail for those watching their waistlines. You can happily sip these low-calorie cocktails through the night without worrying about overindulging (calorie wise, that is) since they average about 100 calories per serving.

Rum & Diet Coke

Lower in sugar and calories than a traditional rum and coke, this concoction also averages approximately 100 calories per serving (based on 1.5 oz. rum per cocktail.) Just be sure to keep an eye on your intake, as darker liquors tend to equal worse hangovers.

Gin & Tonic

Averaging about 150 calories per serving, a classic gin and tonic is refreshing, widely available, and one of the most popular low-calorie cocktails. Be sure to select a top quality gin to mix with your low-cal tonic water for a crisp treat you more than deserve.

Tequila & Seltzer

If you're craving exotic margaritas but cringe at the thought of the syrups, added sugar and colorings, opt for a tequila and seltzer (or tonic water) with fresh lime instead.


The average serving (5 oz.) of red wine packs about 125 calories and boasts a range of health benefits too. White wine tends to be a bit sweeter and higher in sugar content, so if you're seriously minding your nutrition, red is the way to go. If you can't resist your love of white wine though, opt for a spritzer. By adding club soda and ice to your glass, you can cut the calories in half and can enjoy more.


The perfect drink for all the celebratory moments leading up to your big day, the typical 4oz. glass of champs is actually less in calories than a standard glass of white or red wine, and most other cocktails too. While the sugar may leave you with a bit of a headache, you can cheers at all of your upcoming events without the guilt. (For champagne connoisseurs, stick with Brut for the least amount of sugar and cals.)

Bloody Mary

Made with all-natural veggie or tomato juice (averaging 40-50 calories per serving), quality low-cal vodka and loaded with veggies, Bloody Mary's can actually be quite nutritious (as far as cocktails go.) Perfect for a hair-of-the-dog rescue, or a brunch staple, you can have your cocktail fix with a side of vitamins and nutrients, too.

This article was written by Erin Celletti for Brides.com.

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