Mistakes Bridesmaids Always Make

Photo: Melanie Grady Photography

Getting asked to be a bridesmaid can often feel like you just scored the supporting actress role in an Oscar-worthy movie. It can feel somewhat like a rite of passage, even something you're desperately looking forward to crossing off your bucket-list.

But after the excitement of having the bride pop the bridesmaid question to you wears off, you may find yourself flustered over where to start or even if it is your “job” to start anything. Sure, you can scour the Internet, dial up experienced friends, or ask strangers for advice on what to do and more importantly what not to do.

But no matter how much you read up on how to be the most perfect bridesmaid ever, and no matter how many times you've been a bridesmaid before, whether that's once, twice, or a handful of times, you will find yourself making the kind of mistakes that will leave you with one too many blisters, headaches, or just simply wishing that you would have negotiated the terms of your bridesmaid role ahead of time. You may even find yourself fidgeting around the idea of backing out of your bridesmaid duties or convincing yourself that being a bridesmaid once is more than enough.

Dodge the blisters, the crying bride, and the “I'll never be a bridesmaid again” attitude by learning how to conquer your bridesmaid duties, and you eventually will, as long as you avoid making these 49 rookie bridesmaid mistakes.

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