Must-Know Tips for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

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If you and your husband-to-be are set on writing your own wedding vows, there are a few must-know pieces of advice to follow. First? Stick to 400 words or fewer. Then, follow celeb planner Mindy Weiss' easy tips for a sweet, heartfelt moment that won't leave a single guest dry-eyed.

Start with how you met

“What made him stand out to you? Any first impressions that evolved over time?” Weiss says.

Tell him how you knew he was the one you wanted to marry.

Did he change your expectations? What have you learned about him since you met, and what have you learned about yourself? “Don't be afraid to get mushy if that's your thing,” Weiss says. “And if it's not, you can express yourself in a letter to give him privately.”

Discuss your life together.

What are your hopes and plans for the future? How does he fit into them? Do you want to travel the world together? Have kids? Or start by finally getting through the rest of Mad Men on Netflix? Share it all.

Close with how you're feeling at that moment.

“Feel free to improvise!” says Weiss. “Just be sure to remind him how much you love him.”

Looking for a unique reading to complement your original vows?

Consider lines from a book, song, or film you both love, or have a few guests stand up one by one and read short quotes that speak to you. Can't find something you love? Search quotation sites for passages with a key word that describes your relationship, like laughter or trust.

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