My Friend Drank Bleach


Last week, I was talking with a friend of mine (and co-conspirator) about a recent experience she had on a flight (I travel a ton, so I love experience sharing!). She was on a very long and expensive flight to an industry convention in Orlando (TSE-were you there!? You may have heard her speak, Marley Majcher, aka The Profit Goddess).

The short version is that she had a little tickle in her throat, and could NOT stop coughing (natch), and (double natch) Lisa Kudrow was in the seat in front of her (for those of you who know me, I didn’t know who that was, since I don’t watch TV!). Marley was telling me how it will be very difficult to get Lisa as a client now after annoying everyone with her cough! And let’s just say, she probably wished she wasn’t choking on her esophagus right there mid-flight, but she was!

Marley asked the attendant for some hot water with lemon and honey to soothe her throat (and try to respect Miss Fabulous Lisa) and she was met with: “We don’t have honey.” OK great. Note to self as she was telling me this story; something I should add to my travel ER kit!

Business lesson 101:

Please be pleasant to consumers paying full fares on last minute tickets.

They did, however, have the hot water and the lemon (and what felt like a year later) and she was presented with it. And it was full of bleach (this is why I only drink bottled water!). Except, she (to read the rest of this magical article, click here)…

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