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Realizing her skills and talents are best utilized in logistics and communication, Angela’s company, Elegant Weddings by Angela and Events by AP, offers a full service wedding and event planning team that is experienced, detail oriented and exceptionally organized. Her travel resume has carried her to breathtaking places.  Just to name a few, she has traveled to St. Lucia, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Antigua, Cabo San Lucas, Playa Mujeres, Playa Del Carmen, all the way to New York city, the coast of Florida and to the foothills of North Carolina. So whether it’s a destination wedding on a tropical island or a Derby themed wedding at the Country Music Hall of Fame, Angela’s sense of personalized vision and educational guidance creates incomparable events for any occasion.

Q1: How did you get involved with the wedding industry?
Answer: By complete accident! I worked in mental health & always wanted to help people. Helped friends plan & design events, branched out thru word of mouth. After volunteering for a few years, I decided to start a “real” business, got a license & insurance. And here I am 10+ years later! I’m so thankful for where I ended up; it’s the most rewarding and honoring feeling when a client trusts me to execute their vision.

Q2: How has technology improved your business?
Answer: Allowed me to free up more time and communicate better with my clients & team
members. Alleviate clutter and confusion of all the details. Retain out of town clients, travel for destination events while keeping up on the go, plan more events with a team & process in place. Build awesome floor plans. It allows me to think clearly knowing I can be anywhere in the world, and have access to all my client information, if a comforting feeling

Q3: Why wedding pros should divorce pen and paper and go paperless?
Answer: Save the environment! Never loose client details or notes. Know where it is at all times and make it accessible to clients and team members. Being able to search for a note is the best part and having access from all computer devices. It can help organize receipts for tax time, which we all dread. Simplify your life and save your back and carry one device: have it all on your phone, instead of hauling notebooks and folders around in a purse/briefcase.

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