News: New Venue Spaces at Country Music Hall of Fame


The incomparable 10,000-square-foot Event Hall, with soaring 40-foot glass windows overlooking downtown, will provide an unequaled view of the cityscape. This new Nashville gem will present an awe-inspiring space for receptions, dinners, general sessions, trade shows and exhibits. This distinctive setting will also play host to live concert events, set against the most breathtaking backdrop in town.


The Carlton Terrace will be the most welcoming outdoor space in the city — an idyllic setting for receptions, outdoor dinners and weddings, as well as a unique venue for live music.


The state-of-the-art, 800-seat CMA Theater will be a peerless Music City venue for live concert performances. This incredible space will be highly adaptable, providing the perfect setting for general sessions, sales meetings, television broadcasts, press conferences and much more.


Our Private Dining Room will be the perfect space for VIP dining, rehearsal dinners, private lunches, or any intimate group dining. Possessing the ultimate personal touch, this room will feature one of many magnificent views of the downtown Nashville skyline, and will be ideal for entertaining guests. It may also serve as a matchless artist green room.

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