Dream Wedding Winners – Corinne & Josh

(photos by the lifelens)


Most little girls dream about their wedding. My little girl made my dream wedding come true, along with the help from some new friends. 25 days ago, we got a call from the radio station NASH FM letting us know that we were the winners of the $100,000 Ultimate Dream Wedding. The first few hours afterwards didn’t seem real. Then I got a phone call from celebrity wedding planner (she hates when people say it…but it’s true so I’m going to brag), Angela Proffitt. Most brides would be freaking out if they had 20 days to plan their wedding, but I can honestly say, “Not me.” From the moment her timeline arrived in my inbox, I knew I was in great hands. Angela was going to make sure I got exactly what we wanted. She knew all the important questions to ask and how to take that information and transform it into the most incredible, jaw dropping, magical celebration I could never have imagined.

You could spend a year researching which vendor to use for this or that…but why? Angela knows the best of the best and with her leading your dream team you can focus on what is really important …you! Anytime I had a question, Angela had the time and the answers. Need butterflies to release on my special day. Angela knew exactly who to call. Her availability and knowledge made for a stress free, enjoyable planning experience. She is a bubbly and articulate perfectionist who, simply said, wants to make sure you get exactly what you have been dreaming of.

Angela may be small but her work ethic and drive are mighty. She is a powerhouse when it comes to event planning. Every detail of our wedding was planned out to perfection. Her entire staff never missed a beat. How fortunate we were to have such a talented, efficient and joyful team to work with. Imagine being able to show up on your big day knowing that your only job is to celebrate and that everything else will be taken care of. What a good feeling! In my eyes, everything was perfect and if anything didn’t go smoothly, no one had any idea because that’s just how good they are. Angela and her team of lovely ladies made sure my every dream and desire came to fruition and that my husband and I had time to truly enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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