Sweet Treats
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When planning for your big day one of the biggest decision hiccups is what kind of cake you are going to have.  If you look down at your guest list and see that you have 350 guests attending, you are probably thinking how on earth am I going to choose a cake that accommodates the taste buds of that many people! Who says you have to?! Cakes are such a beautiful and intricate tradition for all weddings around the world, but you’ll be happy to hear the fashions are changing.  It’s becoming increasingly popular to give your guests an array of dessert options!  In addition to the elaborate tiered cakes we have all become accustomed to seeing on display tables, also consider the liking of pies, cupcakes, candy bars, cheesecake pops, and candies, all of which are all “in” for 2011.

Delectable desserts provided by Maples Wedding Cakes and Chef's Market.

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