The 5 Things Your Wedding Vendors MUST Know About You and Your Fiancé

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As you are selecting vendors for your wedding day, you're putting together a team to help you execute the perfect vision. You'll want to work with vendors that understand your style, taste and expectations. To make sure you're on the same page with your vendors before signing your contracts and sealing the deal, here are the five things your wedding vendors should know about you and your fiancé before you book them.

1. Your Level of Involvement

Some couples will want to be more hands-on while others will want to sit back, relax, and wait for the wedding day to come around (and let the vendors take the reigns). Be sure to let your vendors know if you plan to be diving into every little detail or if you'd like to have them take more of the lead.

2. Your Must-Haves

When you're negotiating the terms of your package with your vendor, let them know your must-haves. Whether it's a photo album from your photographer or it's having your band start earlier and play during cocktail hour, they should be in the loop and clear of your expectations.

3. Your Max Budget

Since there are some items your wedding vendors will present you with as “add-ons” to your package, you'll want to discuss with them what you're able to spend and see what can be included.

4. Your Deal Breakers

Be upfront and honest about what your deal breakers are when working with a vendor. Are you annoyed when vendors show up late or don't answer your phone call within 24-hours? This is something to bring up with them so that expectations are clear.

5. Your Preferred Contact Method
If you'd like to be contacted via email or if phone or text is better for you, let your vendors know that when you meet them for the first time.

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