The 8 Essential Things You Must Share With Your Guests Before Your Wedding Day

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The best way to get your guests excited for your wedding day is to make sure they have all the information they need before your big day rolls around. If you're wondering the things that are essential when giving your guests information before your walk down the aisle, look no further. Here are 8 key things you'll want to share with your guests before your big day rolls around.

1. Registry Details

Whether you post it on your wedding website or ask your family and friends to spread the word, it's important to let your guests know where you've registered before the wedding day.

2. Hotel Room Block Info

If you've gone ahead and established room blocks with hotels near your wedding venue, let your guests know the room block rate and also how many rooms you have per block, per hotel.

3. Ceremony Start Time

Make sure it's very clear what time your ceremony starts on the invite. That'll ensure you don't have a crowd of guests arriving right as you're about to say ‘I do.'

4. Local Hotspots

If you have out-of-town guests coming in for your wedding, be sure to provide them with a map of the town or city where your wedding is, circling hotspots they should check out during downtime.

5. Dress Code

Give your guests a heads up if your wedding is black-tie (or more casual). If you're having a themed wedding, let your guests know as soon as possible — so they can plan their outfits accordingly.

6. Wedding Event Schedule

From the rehearsal dinner to Sunday post-wedding brunch, be sure to let guests know what the weekend plans are so they can book their travel accordingly.

7. Plus-One Situation

The topic of much drama surrounding the guest list, the plus-one situation is a must-discuss with your guests pre-wedding. That way, there are no surprises on your big day (be it extra guests attending or a lack of a place setting for someone's plus-one).

8. Wedding Website

For any and all outstanding wedding questions that your guests may have, send them the link to your wedding website so that they can find answers and even stay up to date on your wedding plans. It's important to have a “Q&A” section so that you can address FAQs — reducing the amount of time you'll spend answering repetitive and common questions.

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