The Best Best Man

A week before every wedding, I send out a timeline to the wedding party, letting them know the weekends schedule and giving them my contact in case of need. Most of the time, I don't get a response back, but every now and then there is a request. This was one of the best responses I received! Needless to say, this best man really knew how to take care of the groom 😉

“Hey Angela,

Here is the  rough “out line”  of the week of the 16th of April.

I wish we could go take pictures in our Tux with horse. Make it very KING Arthur (or KING ROGER and his Horse men!) HA!!

Feel free to add.


Boys arrive

Pick up Best Man from the Airport

Check into Cottage

Me and Groom work out


Pick up Groomsman 1 from airport

Groomsman 2 arrives by car

Groomsman 3 arrives by Car.

Boys go to dinner to celebrate (Restaurant ??)


Boys workout at the box with Groom

Tux fitting


Grocery store (By stuff for Poker Night)

Liquor Store

Poker Night at the Cottage (include Bride's Brother and Dad if you want too or

what ever else. They just have to bring something to add to the pot.)


Work out

Lunch or Lunch at the Cottage


Sight See or Do something unusual

Dinner at the cottage or out to a Restaurant.

CLUB (Dance Club)


Check out of Cottage

Pick Up Tux and last minute wedding stuff.

Shave/Hair Cuts..etc (Grooming Day)

Lunch at Groom's place


Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner


Breakfast at Groom's

Mimosa's at the House

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