The difference between an Interfaith and Non-Denominational wedding

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1. What is the difference between a Jewish, Interfaith and Non-Denominational wedding?

A Jewish wedding is between a couple who are both Jewish. The wedding incorporates hebrew and english and you will normally find a Chupah, a Kiddush cup, the Sheva Brachot, a Ketubah and a glass for breaking.

An Interfaith wedding is between a Jewish person and a non-Jewish person. This wedding can incorporate hebrew but it is normally done mostly in english. A Chupah, a Kiddush cup, the Sheva Brachot and breaking the glass are optional (up to the couple) and if there is a Ketubah it is a special interfaith Ketubah.

A Non-Denominational wedding is between two non-Jewish people or an Interfaith couple who want to go Non-Denominational. This wedding normally does not include a Chupah, the Sheva Brachot, breaking the glass or a Ketubah. This wedding happens under God but does not include any religion specific language.

2. What is a Chupah?

A Chupah is the Jewish wedding canopy. A chupah must have four poles and a cover on top. Your florist can normally take care of making a Chupah. The meaning of a Chupah is to represent the couple’s new home together and show respect for God.

3. What are the Sheva Brachot?

Sheva Brachot is hebrew for seven blessings. In a Jewish wedding the seven blessings over the couple must be recited.

4. What is a Ketubah?

The Ketubah is the wedding contract in hebrew. Modern Ketubahs are written in hebrew and english and signed by two witnesses, the bride and groom and the rabbi. Just think of the Ketubah as the ancient Marriage License. Most modern Ketubahs are beautiful works of art that the couple proudly displays in their new home.

5. So, you are a Rabbi, does that mean we have to be Jewish?

No, I perform Jewish, Interfaith and Non-Denominational weddings

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