The Do’s & Don’t’s for Giving Wedding Gifts

If you're attending a wedding this summer, there's probably one question weighing on your mind: What should you give the happy couple? Figuring out how much to spend, what type of gift to give and even when to deliver a gift is tricky, particularly if your generosity exceeds your budget. To help you sort through all of your gift-giving conundrums, here are some quick tips to help you pick the perfect gift!


Do: Make Your Gift Personal

When deciding what to buy as a gift, keep the couple in mind. We love the idea of customizing your gifts to make them more personal to you and the couple. Did they register for kitchen linens? Consider getting the couple's initials monogrammed on them.

Don't: Buy Off-Registry

It’s best to buy from the couple's registry, that way you know what the couple wants/needs. They spent time creating this registry that will help them build their new life together. However, if you prefer to buy something not listed, check the registry to ensure you get something that will match their style and decor.


Do: Keep Your Relationship with the Couple in Mind

No matter what the occasion, give what you can afford, but also keep your relationship with the couple in mind. Amounts tend to be around $50–$75 for distant relatives or a coworker, and up to $150 for a close friend or relative. However, if you cannot afford anything on the registry, make your gift something thoughtful. It's usually the thought that counts anyways!

Don't: Go Out of Your Budget

If money is tight or you don't really know what to get, consider chipping on a gift in with a few other people. This can be a great option for work colleagues who might not know their co-worker well, and especially his or her mate. Group purchases also can generate more impact. It's a chance to buy a big-ticket item that the couple has registered for. offers a group gifting option that allows you to make contributions towards higher-priced wedding gifts with other guests, so the couple can get what they really want while you stay on budget. A win win for everyone!


Do: Send Your Gift in a Timely Manner

Gifts should be shipped to the home of the couple at least two weeks before the wedding. If you end up buying the gift after the wedding, try to do so immediately. Otherwise, you’re likely to end up procrastinating and forgetting to send a gift at all.

Don't: Bring Your Gift to the Wedding

It used to be common for guests to bring gifts to the wedding, but now with the popularity of online shopping, this is no longer the case. Most couples prefer to have gifts sent to their home so that they do not have to worry about transporting gifts between locations (and it could get damaged during the night). Having your gift shipped straight to the couple will make things easier for everyone!


Do: Consider Gifting the Couple with Experiences

Most couples getting married today already live together, therefore they aren't in need of household items to help them move in together. Instead, couples are using sites like to register for honeymoon funds, a down payment on their first home or their favorite charity.

Don't: Send Cash in the Mail

If you know the couple prefers money over a traditional gift, check their wedding website as it's possible they've set up a cash registry where you can safely send your gift.

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