The One Thing Real Brides Wish They’d Done Differently in Wedding Planning

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After what may feel like an eternity of planning, stressing, poring over every single detail and daydreaming of your perfect wedding, it goes by in a flash and you're left with memories that will last a lifetime. For these brides, hindsight is 20/20, and they're sharing with you the ONE thing they wish they had done differently for their big day.

“I really enjoyed the planning process and looking back, I might have taken on too many DIY projects that required a lot of my time effort. I had friends and family who wanted to help, and I wish I had taken more advantage of their offers to help me out.” —Laura, 29 (May 2015 wedding)

“I wish I hadn't tried to recreate my Pinterest board. Not only is that physically impossible, it can lead to frustration when you can't get it done. In the end, I just threw my hands up and decided that I didn't need to make 250 jars of homemade jam for favors, I could just buy something.” —Melanie, 30 (November 2013 wedding)

“This may sound crazy, but I wish I didn't spend what I did on invitations. I had my heart set on letterpress for the classic look, but when you're dealing with a guest list over 250 it racks up quite the price tag. They were gorgeous, but in the end of the day they're just paper. But at the same time, I spend over $6,000 on flowers, and I wouldn't have changed a thing, so I guess it depends on priorities.” —Jessica, 28 (May 2015 wedding)

“I don't know if I would go with my big ball gown dress all over again. It was June, and it was so hot and I was sweating underneath it. It was beautiful, but maybe I would have liked to have a backup, thinner dress to change into after the ceremony. I also wouldn't have spent so much money on flowers in retrospect.” —Jehona, 27 (June 2013 wedding)

“I had a destination wedding in Mexico, and I wouldn't change much. But the one thing I really recommend, that I didn't do, is that anyone planning a destination wedding should use a travel agent. People kept coming to me with questions regarding their booking and travel, and it got a little stressful and overwhelming.” —Nichole, 33 (July 2014 wedding)

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